x3 XP During the Freedom Spectacular

Fly the flag of freedom for a weekend of bonuses, bundles and missions to nab your very own rare Mikasa battleship!

Naval Legends: Mikasa

General News
In-depth info on this Japanese pre-dreadnought!

Reduced Repair Costs in July

General News
Charge into the fight with lower repair costs!

"Armada" Video: USS North Carolina

General News
Learn more about this highly-decorated battleship!

A "Bastion" of Battles: Public Test for 0.5.8 Begins June 28!

General News
Test the new "Bastion" mode, an improved matchmaker, extra ribbons and more!

Extra XP for the Defeat of the Fog Fleet!

General News
The Fog Fleet goes down fighting in an epic battle -- now you can reap the rewards!

Two Pre-Order Ships on Sale Again!

General News
Set "sale" with the sneaky Japanese cruiser Yubari, pick up the swift American destroyer USS Sims, or get both in one great bundle!

Deal Damage with the Double Gravity Cannon!

General News
Haruna and Kirishima have combined forces -- will you join or oppose them?

Bonus Doubloons for Select Credit Card Purchases

General News
Purchase Gold using select credit cards and receive a bonus!

Join the "Let's Battle Tour"

General News
First stop: San Diego!

Video - Map Tactics: Big Race

General News
Up your understanding of naval warfare!

0.5.7 Update Notes

General News
Read up on a new map, new weather conditions and brand-new equipment layouts!

Haruna and Kirishima Lead the Fog Fleet!

General News
While Haruna wants to study humanity, Kirishima is going on the offensive -- prepare for battle!

Gift Cards for Doubloons With Openbucks!

General News
Buy bundles and more with your unwanted gift cards!

Team Up for Father's Day!

General News
Call your dad, Division up, and earn some ribbons!

Bad Advice: Sweep the Skies

General News
Cap and the goldfish's quest to rid the skies of enemy planes. Will they succeed?

x2 XP for Haruna and Kirishima Spotted!

General News
The Fog Fleet has been sighted and two fearsome battleships are leading the charge!

Supremacy League Finals

General News
Watch the top World of Warships teams in North America compete live!