"Back to School" - Graduation Weekend

Graduate into a spectacular weekend event!

Special Offer: "Hybrid Wars" Bundles

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Get Doubloons for World of Warships and check out our new game Hybrid Wars!

Free Bonus Doubloons with PayPal!

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Get more bang for your buck by ordering Doubloons with PayPal or Credit Card!

Ahead Flank! - Ranked Battles Season 5

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Team up, prove your worth and rake in the rewards!

The New Economics of 0.5.12

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How will your income and expenditures change with Update 0.5.12?

Dasha Presents Update 0.5.12

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Set sail on a new journey with improvements to in-game economics, a new map and more!

"Back to School" - Graduation Week

General News
Con-"grad"-ulations! You've made it through the World of Warships basic training!

Cruise to Victory in the Prinz Eugen: Final Bundle Released!

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This German cruiser brings a +50% Commander training bonus!

"Back to School" - Carrier Weekend

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Prepare your planes and launch into a weekend of specials!

Wait for Me

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Wargaming presents a short film on the emotional impact of war.

Squall Line: Prinz Eugen

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Pick up the Prinz of the Sea!

Public Test 0.5.12 - September 23

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Test improvements to in-game economics, a new map, and more!

Earn a Flag, Talk Like a Pirate (feat. Jon St. John)

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Sail the high seas with the dulcet tones of a fearsome buccaneer!

"Back to School" - Carrier Week

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Stand fast on a flattop!

Animated Infographic: One Year of Warships!

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On September 17 last year, World of Warships set sail on its maiden voyage. Join us as we review an incredible year by the numbers!

x3 XP for "Back to School" - Battleship Weekend and WoWS Anniversary

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Bonuses and specials on battlewagons, special missions and more abound for our one-year anniversary. Then, saddle up with dynamite deals on the new German battl...

Competitive Play in Autumn Showdowns

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The season's packed with World of Warships competitive action -- learn where to tune in!

Update: Changes to Japanese Destroyers

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More info on the IJN destroyers and the resultant tech tree shuffling.