Bad Advice: Torpedo Science

Will the captain ever learn his lessons? Will the goldfish finally lose its cool? Tune in to find out!

x2 First-Win Bonus Every Weekend in February

General News
Each weekend in February will highlight a different nation. Take the world tour!

x3 XP During the Big Game

General News
Exercise in multitasking or just being spoiled for choice? The call is yours!

Unlock Your Free 4,000,000 Credits!

General News
Get an update from your Community team inside.

Submarines Coming in 2016?

General News
The development team is working hard. Find out what's in store for 2016!

Buy Tanks, Ships or Planes with Bitcoin!

General News
A new payment method for the Premium Shop!

0.5.3 Developer Bulletin - Team Battles!

General News
0.5.3 is just around the corner. See what the developers have to say!

Public Test 0.5.3 - Sample Team Battles Early!

General News
Testing for Update 0.5.3 begins February 2. Earn rewards for your main account by participating in the Test!

Kaiju Hunter: Earn the Tachibana!

General News
A month of bountiful bundles and rewarding missions is fast approachingl! Also, earn a new warship of your very own!

Sail to Victory with x3 Commander XP!

General News
Launch and prepare for battle -- A Commander XP bonus and Premium ship discounts await!

Milestone Unlocks and February Preview

General News
Project R is moving at an impressive clip. Get the latest info on Milestone unlocks and more for February!

Squall Line: Kamikaze-Class Destroyers

General News
Head into the history of the Kamikaze, a special destroyer you can win in Project R!
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