Soccer World Championship: Patches in World of Warships!

The Soccer World Championship starts soon! To celebrate this great event, we created 32 special patches with the attributes of the participant countries.

How do I Get a Soccer World Championship Patch?

Are you guys following the soccer? If you’ve already received a special soccer patch but now want to root for a different team – you can choose an extra one! If you haven’t gotten a patch yet – go ahead and choose a team you want to beat the quarterfinals or support your favorites who stumbled.

Select one of the patches with the attributes of the participant countries below. For this, just click "I Want This Patch" under the patch you like.

A special combat mission for earning this patch will be assigned to you in the game. Root for your favorite team in World of Warships!

Select a Patch

Please note, that we cannot give you 2 of the same patch, and why would you need those anyway?

Why do I Need a Patch?

Emblems and patches are important attributes of a sailor's appearance. Many warships carried distinctive insignias on their boards and superstructures: some of them were daunting, and others were funny. We have insignias like this in World of Warships too. Using them, players can distinguish themselves among other Commanders and show their unique style.

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