Action Stations

Loading Screen

The team objective and general role of your ship are indicated on the MISSION tab. While the map is loading, mouse over your opponents’ ships on the TEAM MEMBERS tab to compare your ship’s characteristics to theirs.

Now is also the time to take a look at the minimap; think about possible tactics and how you will position your ship with your teammates to seize the objective and achieve victory.

Keep an eye out for the helpful hints at the bottom of the loading screen.



Battle HUD


Tactical Map

Press М to bring up the tactical map.

Playing Field for Carriers

Knowing how to use the tactical map is an absolute must for aircraft carriers.

Here you can tackle multiple tactical tasks like scouting, defending your allies from the enemy’s carrier-launched planes, and coordinating powerful strikes across several sectors at once.


You can also steer your ship with autopilot mode and concentrate solely on showering enemies with fire.

By clicking any point on the map, you lay a course for your ship to automatically travel along. To set additional waypoints, hold Shift while clicking a spot on the map. You can set up to 5 waypoints.


Full stop or manual change of the rudder position switches the autopilot mode off, and you’ll have to set the waypoints again.