Battle Results


How to Get Them

In World of Warships, you'll need to get to the thick of the action to reap the biggest amount of XP and credits. Be ready to:

  • Capture and protect key areas and bases
  • Damage enemy ships
  • Destroy enemy ships
  • Destroy enemy aircraft


How to Spend Them


  • Repair warships
  • Purchase consumables and camouflages
  • Buy upgrades, modules, and new ships


  • Research modules for the selected ship
  • Master Commander skills
  • Unlock new ships in the tech tree
  • Move through the Service Record levels

Free XP

  • Unlock any ship in the Tech Tree
  • Research any module of a ship you have unlocked
  • Promote any Commander that hasn’t reached the highest rank
  • Retrain any Commander, when assigned to a different ship
  • Reset all skills mastered by a Commander

Elite Commander XP

  • Unlock a new Skill level for any non-Elite Commander
  • Retrain Commanders, when assigned to a different ship
  • Reset all skills mastered by a Commander
  • Convert into Free XP using Doubloons


Elite Commander XP can be accumulated and spent only after the designated Commander reaches the highest rank with 19 Skill points.


Achievements are mostly awarded for exceptional battle effectiveness. Along with achievements, you also earn Signal Flags to decorate your ship and enhance her battle performance or profitability.



Battle Performance

Your success in various battle activities is indicated by ribbons awarded while battling in real-time and in post-battle results. They aren't just for bragging rights; they also help you realize exactly how you're playing and how well you've supported your team!



Collect containers by earning XP in battles during the day. Inside containers you can find all kinds of treats: from credits and consumables up to rare rewards like premium ships. You can collect up to three containers a day.



Campaigns are a set of special missions which you need to accomplish one by one on your way to the ultimate reward. Each mission consists of a number of tasks to pursue in order to continue overall progression. Completing each task awards credits, Free XP, flags, etc., whilst accomplishing a mission grants even heftier profit. And of course, there will be a big reward awaiting all brave and persistent Captains for completing the entire Campaign!


Missions & Challenges

Complete various combat missions and challenges to receive additional rewards. You can get new consumables, upgrades, signals, and even a brand new ship just for playing the game!