Armed and Dangerous


There are two types of shells at your disposal, and each is designed with a specific purpose in mind. In the heat of battle, you'll need to choose an ammo type carefully! 

High-Explosive Shells

HE shells can cause a lot of trouble to any lightly armored warship. They're capable of causing damage to the ship’s superstructure, which amounts to everything on the ship's deck except her gun turrets. HE shells can also set ships on fire, slowly but steadily lowering their HP.

Armor-Piercing Shells

AP shells are most dangerous when fired at heavy cruisers and battleships. AP shells are designed to punch through thick armor and disable the most essential and protected modules inside the ship. A lucky shot from a relatively close distance can cause a detonation inside the hull and completely destroy the ship.




Consumables provide your ship with small yet often ship-saving advantages and improve her combat qualities when activated. While the “Damage Control Party” consumable is available on all warships, other consumables are specific to a certain type.
The number of slots available for consumables also varies from ship to ship.

Consumables can be replaced with their enhanced versions that recharge quicker during battle.

 To change the installed consumables:

  1. Go to the MODULES tab.
  2. Click a consumables slot.
  3. Select the consumables you want to mount on your ship.

You can purchase new consumables both with credits and doubloons.


Modules are a ship's backbone—integral, upgradable parts that have a significant effect on her battle performance. Each module affects the ship’s combat capability in its own way. Once you research the top modules of your ship, you can advance up the Tech Tree and research the next tier’s ship.

When mounting new modules, keep in mind that not all of them improve the ship’s parameters. Hover over the module and check its stats to see if it suits your tactics before you purchase and mount it.


Upgrades improve your ship’s combat characteristics. The number of available upgrades and slots depends on the warship type and tier. To view and mount upgrades for the selected ship, go to the MODULES tab.

Upgrades and thoughtfully selected Commander skills can noticeably improve certain parameters of your ship and enhance her battle performance. For example, if you get the "Damage Control System 2" upgrade and a Commander with the "Basics of Survivability" skill, the time to extinguish fires will decrease considerably and you don’t even have to use Damage Control Party!

Upgrades can only be demounted with doubloons, so study their characteristics thoroughly before you install them.

Commander Skills

As your Commanders earn more Experience, they receive special points that enable them to choose and master skills that improve ship parameters and present additional gameplay capabilities. Basic skills require only one point to master, while more advanced skills require up to four points.

When you buy a new ship, you also need to recruit a new Commander trained to one of three available levels:

  • Basic Training. Commander is recruited for free and has no skill points.
  • Naval Academy. Commander is recruited with credits and has one undistributed point.
  • Senior Command Course. Commander is recruited with doubloons and has three undistributed points.

Each Commander has a maximum rank, limited to 19 skill points. After that, all XP earned by a Commander with the highest rank will be added to Elite Commander XP. Elite Commander XP is not restricted to a specific Commander and is accumulated in the common pool of Elite Commander XP on your account.

For a better understanding of how the skills are matched with different ship types, check out the Commander Skills Calculator.


Customize your ship to your liking and stand out from other players while you get a boost in battle! Go to the EXTERIOR tab to select a camouflage and signal flags for your ship.


Camouflage is a special paint scheme that provides bonuses to your warship. Two basic types of camouflage are available in the game. The first one reduces ship detectability during battle, while the other decreases the accuracy of the enemy aiming at your ship.
You can buy camouflages with credits and doubloons. 


Naval insignia in the form of one or more Signal Flags that are designed to not only decorate a ship, but mostly to tweak her battle performance or profitability. You can earn signals for exceptional battle achievements once per day or buy them with doubloons.
You do not have to limit yourself to one Signal Flag. All ships in the game, except for carriers, can mount up to eight signals simultaneously. 

Signals and camouflage last for only one battle. Click ENABLE under Auto-resupply to mount signals and apply camouflage automatically after each battle.