Signal Flags

Signal Flags

Signal flags are unlocked in the game only after reaching Service Record level 9. You can track your progress in the game by going to the Profile interface and viewing the Service Record tab.

Papa Papa (Achievement: Solo Warrior)

Boosts the amount of free experience earned by 300%.

November Foxtrot (High Caliber)

Reduces the recharge time of consumables by 5%.

Zulu Hotel (Confederate)

Boosts the amount of Commander XP gained in battle by 50%.

November Echo Setteseven (Clear Sky)

Improves the performance of anti-aircraft guns and defensive weapons on attack aircraft with rear gunners. Both are improved by 10%.

Victor Lima (Witherer)

Slightly increases the chances of flooding an enemy ship or setting it on fire.

India X-Ray (Arsonist)

Increases the chances of setting an enemy ship on fire - the enemy has a greater chance of detonating your magazine.

Juliet Whiskey Unaone (Liquidator)

Increases the chances of flooding an enemy ship - the enemy has a greater chance of detonating your magazine.

Zulu (First Blood)

A historic signal of the Japanese Navy, giving you a 20% bonus to credits earned in battle.

Equal Speed Charlie London (Kraken Unleashed)

The well-known signal of the Royal Navy gives you a 50% bonus to experience earned in battle.

Sierra Mike (Double Strike)

Do you have the need for speed? Then the Sierra Mike signal will give you a 5% bonus to the maximum speed of your ship.

Hotel Yankee (Die Hard)

Ramming other ships a lot? Hotel Yankee grants you a 50% damage increase while ramming another ship and decreases the damage you take from that collision by 20%.

India Delta (Dreadnought)

Battleship captains love this set. It gives you a 20% bonus to HP recovered when using the "Repair Party" consumable.

India Yankee (Fireproof)

Losing your ship to untamed fire says a lot about how unprepared your crew is. "India Yankee" decreases the time of fire extinguishing by 20%.

Juliet Yankee Bissotwo (Unsinkable)

Flooding is an equivalent of fire on board, only wet. This signal flag will reduce flooding recovery time by 20%.

Juliet Charlie (Detonation)

"Juliet Charlie" has you 100% covered when it comes to magazine detonations. If only insurance companies were so effective...

India Bravo Terrathree (It's Just a Flesh Wound)

Getting sunk a lot? By mounting this set of flags on your ship, your repair costs after the battle will be 5% lower.

Mike Yankee Soxisix (Close Quarters Expert)

Battleship captains, this one is for you. “Mike Yankee Soxisix” boosts the potency of your secondary batteries by improving accuracy and firing range by 5%.


Bring out the dragon within your Commander with a +333% boost to Commander XP! 

Red Dragon

Get a boost alongside your Commander with +100% bonuses to XP and Commander XP. 


Boost your battle bounty with a +50% increase to Credit earnings


Many heads, many bonuses! The "Hydra" flag gives you +150% Commander XP, +250% Free XP, and +50% XP per battle.