Battleships are true heavyweights, capable of both dishing out and taking lots of damage. With massive guns and thick armor, they’re akin to fortresses on the high seas, but suffer from poor speed and maneuverability. Capable of supporting allies from the rear thanks to the range of their guns, battleships can also be a part of the vanguard and wade into the fray while soaking up damage.

Commanders of Japanese battleships will want to hang back and take advantage of the superior range, while American commanders will want to wade into battle and rely on their ship’s armor and air defenses.




A battleship’s main battery is capable of penetrating thick armor and inflicting massive damage.


Great armor and the battleship’s unique Repair Party consumable allow these ships to take a serious bruising and keep fighting.

Battlefield Control

Battleships can stop enemy ships and block potential attack routes from long range.


  • Reloading a battleship’s guns can take a lot of time, so you’ll want to be deliberate in when and where you strike. Don’t use volley fire, and if you haven’t mastered hitting ships in the citadel for maximum damage, consider using high explosive shells.
  • Plan your route ahead of time and allow plenty of time to change course, as battleships are slow and lumbering. Take advantage of the autopilot feature to simplify your maneuvering.
  • Stay in open waters. Islands will obscure your long-rage potential and hamper any abilities to maneuver. Use spotting aircraft near islands and land masses to scout ahead and avoid potential ambushes.
  • Stay aware of enemy ship movement and avoid being taken off-guard by destroyers, as their torpedoes will pose a serious threat up close.
  • Battleships are frequent targets of enemy aircraft, so you’ll want to coordinate with your allies, specifically cruisers, to provide you anti-aircraft defenses in exchange for supporting them with your main guns.
  • As battleships can sustain plenty of damage, you’ll want to be selective about when you use the Damage Control consumable. Sometimes it’s better to let a fire burn than waste a Damage Control consumable that could be better used to later to repair a broken rudder.
  • While enemy ships can threaten you at close range with torpedoes, remember that your secondary armament can be devastating up close.