Carriers are a unique class of warships with the ability to reach out and attack enemies anywhere on the map. They offer a gameplay style that differs from the rest of the ship classes and one that should appeal to strategy game fans. Torpedo and dive bombers can inflict damage on enemy warships, while fighters will battle it out for air supremacy or protect allied ships from enemy bombers.

With minimal armor and onboard defensive capabilities, carriers rely heavily on their aircraft for attack and defense. The mobility of aircraft allows the carrier to reach out and attack enemy ships anywhere on the map or defend allied ships. American carriers have larger squadrons, while Japanese carriers focus more on bombers than fighters.




Aircraft can overtake enemy ships and destroy them with bombs and torpedoes.

Unlimited Range

Aircraft are capable of striking anywhere on the map.


The speed and range of aircraft means they can spot enemy warships from a distance, preventing unexpected breakthroughs and ambushes.


  • Before attacking with bombers, use your fighters to scout the situation, clear a path, and destroy enemy fighter squadrons. However, you’ll have to balance this role with also using your fighters to defend allied ships from enemy bombers.
  • Understand the attack patterns of your bombers and attack with them in a way that’s most effective. Position dive bombers so that they’re attacking down the length of enemy ships, rather across the side. Maximize torpedo bomber efficiency by doubling up on attacking squadrons and launch torpedoes on either side of enemy ships.
  • Avoid the front lines, but don’t fall too far behind. You’ll want to keep pace with your allies to allow them to intercept any enemy ships gunning for you. Furthermore, keeping closer to the battle will allow you to rearm and refuel your aircraft faster.
  • Destroyers are small and maneuverable, making them bad targets for aircraft. Set your sights on battleships and carriers instead.
  • Deck space is limited; remember that a landing aircraft will delay the launching of aircraft heading into battle.
  • Use allied air-defenses to your advantage by attempting to engage enemy squadrons within range of friendly ships with anti-aircraft armaments.
  • As a carrier you’ll be a prime target for both enemy ships and aircraft. Watch out for destroyers or bombers looking to sneak up on you and catch you by surprise. The overview map, accessed by pressing “M,” is useful for keeping abreast of enemy movement.