Capable of deploying in a variety of configurations, cruisers fill a multitude of roles in battle and can spell trouble for enemy warships of all classes. Cruisers are well-balanced with respectable armor and effective armaments but still possess the maneuverability to avoid battleship fire or torpedoes. The high rate of fire of their guns will make life miserable for destroyers, while their anti-aircraft defenses can cause serious problems for carriers. Many cruisers also come equipped with torpedoes, making them dangerous to both carriers and battleships in close combat.

American cruisers possess capable guns and air defenses, although they don’t get torpedoes until one tier later than Japanese cruisers. With weaker guns and armor, Japanese cruisers are similar to destroyers in many ways, with great torpedoes and maneuverability to balance out their shortcomings.


Air Defense

Anti-aircraft guns can wreak havoc on enemy aircraft squadrons.

Accuracy and Rate-of-Fire

Cruisers can rain shells down on ships of any class, causing damage and distracting enemy captains.


Defend battleships from air attacks, get in close and strike with torpedoes, avoid enemy fire and capture flags—cruisers can fulfill a number of important roles.


  • Learn how to multitask. The cruiser’s versatility means that you’ll often have to fulfill multiple roles and react to the needs of your team—stay alert and aware of what your teammates need.
  • Take advantage of the cruiser’s high rate of fire to continually rain shells down on your opponents.
  • While cruisers often fight at the front lines, use your maneuverability to protect your citadel and ammunition stores (in the center of your ship) to reduce the risk of critical damage.
  • Avoid battleships. They can deal significant damage to you at any range; if you must engage them, do so up close and use your torpedoes.
  • Coordinate with your allies to provide air defense. Several cruisers working together can tear enemy air squadrons to shreds and protect vulnerable battleships from air attacks.
  • Take advantage of the “Basic Firing Training” and “Advanced Firing Training” skills available to your Commander, as they’ll improve your secondary armaments and bump up the effectiveness of your anti-aircraft guns.