Destroyers are the fastest and most agile class of warship. Lightly armored, they possess excellent handling characteristics and are armed with torpedoes -- serious punching power to damage and destroy even toughest warships. They also have the ability to use smoke screens, allowing them to conceal their movement or protect allied ships. Capable of acting alone or in a group, destroyers are masters of the ambush.

Destroyers vary among the nationalities; American destroyers feature capable, rapid-firing guns, while Japanese destroyers are harder to detect and come equipped with more advanced torpedoes.




If successfully deployed, torpedoes can sink any class of warship.

High Mobility

Exceptional maneuverability allows destroyers to keep out of reach and avoid enemy attacks while sneaking up on enemy ships.

Smoke Screen

A versatile tool, smoke screens can be deployed to conceal allied movement, confuse enemy ships and avoid enemy fire.


  • Use the speed and agility of destroyers to get in close; dodge enemy fire and launch torpedoes at close range to destroy enemy ships.
  • Torpedoes are the destroyer’s main weapon and greatest equalizer, with them you’ll be able to sink even the strongest battleship.
  • Take advantage of a map’s landscape, as islands and narrow straights will compromise the maneuverability of larger ships and give you the opportunity to ambush.
  • Target slower ships like battleships and aircraft carriers; cruisers have a high rate of fire and speed that can quickly cancel out the destroyer’s advantages.
  • Learn to use your smoke screen effectively, particularly when ambushing or retreating. Remember that enemy smoke screens can also be used to your advantage!
  • Make sure your Commanders are trained in the “Situation Awareness” skill; it'll let you know when you’ve been detected by enemy forces and be an invaluable tool when surprising enemy ships.
  • Don’t spend too much time in the Binocular view—it’ll compromise your ability to maneuver and you may miss the perfect torpedo opportunity.