Release Notes Update Notes

Update is scheduled for release with server downtime starting February 14, 02:00 PT (05:00 ET) until 03:30 PT (06:30 ET).

  • Added an information screen about current events and specials in-game when launching the game, and added a banner to the Container purchase screen, which opens the Premium Shop page dedicated to the Vive la France event
  • Fixed an error causing islands and landscape objects to disappear in battle/Port in some situations
  • Fixed guns elevation angles for battleship Bretagne  -- she now has the ability to fire both HE and AP at the distance specified in the ship's characteristics; before this, only the HE shells could be fired at that distance
  •  [PRODUCTION TEST ONLY] Test ship Graf Zeppelin was added to the game for testing
  • Two air group setups are available: 
  •  1-2-1, groups of 8 fighter planes (16 in total); 2x5 torpedo bombers (27 in total); 9 bomber planes (29 in total)
  •  2-0-3, 2x5 fighter planes (24 in total) and 3x5 bomber planes (48 in total)
  • Players can choose between bombers with armor-piercing and high-explosive bombs, and between torpedo bombers with deep-water and standard torpedoes
  • Increased traverse angles of secondary guns on the deck. It gives the ability to fire a greater number of secondary guns at once. 
  • Added the Hydroacoustic Search consumable similar to that of tier VII cruisers (discovering ships at 4.2km and torpedoes at 2.97km)