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Aigle’s Arrival – French Frenzy Sale

General News
A new Premium destroyer arrives flanked by French friends!

Lunar New Year Bash - Missions & Deals

General News
Celebrate the Year of the Dog!

WIN DOUBLOONS in Corgi Fleet: Requiem

General News
Fight the Fleet one last time!

Cats at Sea: A Tale of Fur-bidden Love

General News
Join Kitty Purrfürst on a quest for love, ear scritches, and naval fire supremacy.

Public Test 0.7.2

General News
Continue the French Frenzy as you test more French battleships, a new Operation "Hermes", and the new "The Gold of France" Campaign.

Ranked Results: Season 8

General News
Get the lowdown on the latest Ranked Battles results!

WGA Office Closure / Relocation

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WGA Office Closure / Relocation

Naval Legends Missions and French Destroyer Maillé-Brézé

General News
Step aboard famous French destroyer Maillé-Brézé, then start a scavenger hunt for hidden missions!

How to Play French Battleships

General News
Delve deep into the strengths, secrets and combat tactics for the upcoming French battleships.

All But Patches - Episode 1 - The Contest

General News
She does more than Updates, you know!

A Tour of Marseille: A New In-Game Port!

General News
Take a tour of the historic Port of Marseille, coming in Update 0.7.1!

Clan Battles Season 2: Chasing the Hurricane

General News
Time to prepare for fierce naval clashes in the forthcoming Season 2 of Clan Battles called "Islands of Ice"! We couldn't avoid adding some novelties. Read on t...

Dasha Presents Update 0.7.1

General News
Sample a robust meal of all things French, courses include a new Vive la France collection, new Clan Battles Season, and more!

Vive La France - Part 1

General News
The French Frenzy begins!

How We Built French Battleships

General News
Go behind the scenes as we break down each new French battleship!

Public Test 0.7.1, Part 2 (Feb. 3) - New Reward!

General News
Sample a robust test of all things French, courses include a new collection, new unique Commander, "Marseille" Port, and a new map!

Building Stalingrad

General News
Witness the behind-the-scenes “berth” of this Tier X cruiser!

Naval Legends: French Destroyer Maillé-Brézé Trailer

General News
Feast your eyes on this teaser coverage of our visit to the famous French destroyer Maillé-Brézé!