Public Test 0.5.10 Begins August 9

General News

Testing is vital to game development, and we value your feedback immensely. The Public Test is your chance to be heard! Not only do you sample the latest features coming to World of Warships, but participants get rewards. Visit the Public Test training page for further details on how to register and install.

Try the Public Test Now!

For leaving feedback, visit the dedicated 0.5.10 feedback thread!

Balanced Divisions

You shouldn't see any more tier IIs matched with tier X, in a "Fail Division": The maximum difference between the tiers of ships in a Division is now limited to one!

Colorblind Mode

World of Warships now assists players with color vision issues. To enable Colorblind mode, select from a few varieties in the "Settings" screen. The intensity can be customized.


Check out the many sound improvements for enemy detection messages in binoculars mode, revamped sounds for bomb explosions and fires, and other audio changes.

Player Profile

With your feedback, the Player Profile now has statistics for individual ships. It also includes:

  • Total/average/highest damage (for a single battle) that allies caused to enemies spotted by the player
  • Total/average/highest number of enemy ships spotted by the player
  • Participation in capturing and defending key areas calculated as a percentage ratio (ratio of the points earned by the player compared to the points earned by the rest of the team)
  • Total/average/highest potential damage per battle

Post-Battle Statistics

The post-battle stats now include new data for evaluating a player's performance, namely:

  • Damage allies caused to enemies spotted by the player
  • Number of fires allies caused to enemies spotted by the player
  • Potential maximum damage from shells, bombs and torpedoes that hit the player's ship. Also potential damage from shells, bombs and torpedoes that were fired by the enemy at the player but did not hit
  • Number of enemy ships, squadrons and torpedoes spotted by the player
  • Capture and defense points


Please note that these points about the post-battle statistics do not have any impact on the in-game economy yet. Currently, this information is available only for your visibility, so that you can evaluate your combat efficiency more precisely. Please, provide your feedback! After we take a look at it, and the gathered statistics, we plan to integrate this data into the in-game economy in future updates, which will be announced at a later stage.

0.5.10 Public Test

Starts August 9 at 9:30 PT / 12:30 ET
Ends August 15 at 6:00 PT / 9:00 ET

Public Test Rewards

Participation in a Public Test scores you some booty!

Win 10 Random or Cooperative battles in a cruiser to receive one day of Premium time on the live server.

Get 10 Type "6" Camouflage patterns (+100% XP per battle) on the live server for winning 10 Random or Cooperative battles in a battleship

Win three Random or Cooperative battles as part of a Division in Random or Cooperative Battles to receive five of every Signal Flag.


Warning: You must register your Public Test account with the same email address as your live account to collect your rewards. No exceptions.

Rewards are delivered via code to your email address when the Update officially hits.

Do I Have to Start From Nothing?

No way! Your Public Test account has:

  • Tier VI ships manned by Commanders with tons of Skills
  • Account level 12 on first login, including all the rewards you'd earn along the way
  • XP research requirements and module prices drastically reduced for all ships
  • Seven days of Premium time
  • 1,000 Doubloons to spend on Commander Skills, Premium consumables, or anything else you'd like
  • 500,000,000 Credits
  • 5 Signal Flags of each type
  • Win 10 battles on the Public Test in any ship Random or Cooperative battles and get 12,500 Doubloons on your Public Test account to buy a Premium ship

Please note that resources and progress from previous Public Tests are wiped.