Public Test for 0.5.7 Begins June 8

General News

The 0.5.7 Public Test starts June 8!

Testing is vital to game development, and we value your feedback immensely. This is your chance to be heard! Not only do you get to sample the latest features coming to World of Warships, but we're also supplying rewards to participants. Visit the Public Test training page for further details on how to register for and install the Public Test client.

Try the Public Test Now!

Want to leave some feedback? Visit the dedicated 0.5.7 feedback thread!

Updated June 16: This iteration of the Public Test is no longer active. Thank you for your participation!

  • For Warspite: The "Secondary Battery Modification 2" upgrade is now available
  • Langley: Fixed a bug where additional textures on the deck of the aircraft not displaying correctly.after learning the skill "Air Supremacy"
  • Fixed a bug where the boundary line was not displayed on the "Warrior's Path" map.
  • Turned off the sound which played when positioning the cursor on interface elements in the port 
  • Fixed a bug where the firing range on the main caliber batteries did not display on the minimap.
  • Fixed a bug where camera binoculars might start to bend around an island and block the ability to fire.
  • Fixed a bug which caused a game issue when entering the Settings screen to change the selected monitor
  • Fixed a bug with tips of the sight (crosshair) not appearing in the center of the screen
  • Fixed a bug that caused chat issues after stretching the game in "Windowed Mode"

See Cyclones!

Perhaps you've already encountered a cyclone on the "North" map in the previous update. Now, the inclement weather is spreading to more maps and more high-tier battles! Get ready to charge into some new challenging situations. Your use of the "Hydroacoustic Search" and "Surveillance Radar" consumables will be even more important.

Brand New Ship upgrades!

We analyzed the popularity of certain upgrades, and determined that upgrades like auxiliary armament weren't picked often. We've overhauled the upgrade system to provide more appealing options when enhancing the performance of your ships.

Compensation: To make switching to the new upgrade system more comfortable, you'll receive automatic compensation for all alterations that significantly affect gameplay after the 0.5.7 release

New Map: "The Warrior's Path"

On this new map, fighting takes place around a Canadian archipelago. Teams need to navigate numerous islands. (It's available for battles in tiers VII-X.)

Spectator Free Camera

If your ship's been destroyed, you can stick around and watch the rest of the battle using the Free Camera.

  • Control it with the WASD keys, and you can change the camera's elevation with the mouse's scroll wheel!
  • Press Shift to switch modes
  • With the space bar, you can move the camera to any ship or squadron you see in the center of the screen (via the crosshair)

0.5.7 Public Test

Starts June 8 at 09:30 PT / 12:30 ET
Ends June 13 at 06:00 PT / 06:00 ET

Public Test Rewards

Participation in the Public Test scores you some booty!

Play one game on the Public Test to receive three of every Signal Flag.

Win 10 games in destroyers on the Public Test to receive one day of Premium time.

Destroy 20 destroyers with a German cruiser on the Public Test to receive one more day of Premium time.


Warning: You must register your Public Test account with the same email address as your live account to collect your rewards. No exceptions.

Rewards will be delivered via Bonus Code to your email address when Update 0.5.7 officially hits.

Do I Have to Start From Nothing?

No way! Progress in the Public Test is accelerated. Your Public Test account is granted the following:

  • You'll start with tier IV ships manned by Commanders with tons of Skills!
  • Account level 12 upon first login, including all the rewards you'd earn along the way
  • XP research requirements and module prices drastically reduced for ships tier V and up
  • Seven days of Premium time
  • 30,000 Doubloons to spend on Commander skills, Premium consumables, or anything else you'd like
  • 1,000,000,000 Credits (buy whatever your heart desires)
  • 10 Signal Flags of each type.

Please note that resources and progress from previous Public Tests are wiped.