Pan-Asian Destroyer Overview

General News

Prelude to the Invasion

In a few days, Update 0.6.14 launches, and the Pan-Asian destroyers will arrive in World of Warships Ports. 

Ships from several navies across Asia unite under the flag of the Golden Dragon. What do they have in common? 

Stats and characteristics are based on stock configuration.

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A Tree Is Known by Its Fruit

The Pan-Asia invasion is about to begin! This new destroyer branch features an interesting mix of play styles.Each ship stays true to the peculiarities of the nation of her creation and the tweaks her respective Asian nation made upon transfer. Longjiang and V-25, for example, are German-designed destroyers with fast-reloading torpedoes and less-than-stellar artillery. On the other hand, the Soviet-designed Fushun rocks powerful 130 mm guns.

You can start preparing now! Spending time in destroyers of other nations (especially US— the top-tier Pan-Asian ships are based on the Gleaves, Fletcher and Sumner-class destroyers) will help out a lot. With that said, Pan-Asian destroyers have their own peculiarities that completely change the gameplay of some familiar destroyers.


The first thing that distinguished Pan-Asian destroyers from other nations is the increased depth of their torpedoes. They are available to all ships in the branch (except the Tier I cruiser) and differ from regular torpedoes in three ways:

  1. Can't hit destroyers
  2. Have shorter detectability range
  3. Have a higher chance to cause flooding upon impact

This type of armament makes it hard for Pan-Asian destroyers to fight against counterparts, while making them more formidable against other classes. 


The majority of Pan-Asian destroyers rock high concealment. They can use this concealment to conduct surprise torpedo attacks from behind smoke screens. Such hidden attacks work well thanks to the branch's Smoke Generator consumable:

Smoke Screen lifetime: 70 seconds
Consumable Active Time: 30 seconds
Reload Time: 120 seconds (80 seconds for the Premium consumable)
Number of Charges: 4 (5 charges for the Premium consumable)



The Smoke Generator consumable has two additional charges and decreased reload time. On top of that, the lifetime of the smoke screens is longer. This means it's possible to hide from enemy ships for the most of the battle, fight effectively for key areas, and retreat in case you're out of luck.

Plus, the top-tier ships of the branch have an alternative to "ghost torpedo" tactics. Tier VIII–X destroyers can equip Surveillance Radar instead of the Smoke Generator consumable:

Detection of Ships: 7.5 km
Active for 15, 17, and 20 seconds
Reload Time: 180 seconds (120 seconds for the Premium consumable)
Number of charges: 2 (3 charges for the Premium consumable).



Fighting without the Smoke Generator is quite risky. However, the ability to spot and destroy enemy ships is also valuable, especially for a well-coordinated team.

The Pan-Asian destroyers are built for sneaky torpedo attacks against large enemy ships, as well as team support. However, it's hard to provide a common classification of this branch.

For the devoted destroyer fans who've already researched other destroyer branches, the Pan-Asian line will provide a fresh look on classic destroyer tactics.

For those new to destroyers, the new ships will present an easy opportunity to study the peculiarities of other nations' destroyers all in a single tree!

Now that you're acquainted -- why not take 'em out for a spin? The Pan-Asian Invasion begins in Update 0.6.14!