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“We’re at Pumpkin Hill, You Ready?”

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ENDS November 9, 03:20 PT (06:20 ET)

The battle against the Great Gorgon and Rasputin rages on! Head to the Premium Shop and keep yourself fully stocked on Halloween treats, including rare permanent camouflage based on the spooky ships seen in the Halloween Scenarios.


Halloween Containers - 55 Pack
$99.99 - 40% Discount

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• 55 Halloween Containers

Halloween Containers - 25 Pack
33% Discount

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• 25 Halloween Containers

Halloween Containers - 5 Pack
13% Discount

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• 5 Halloween Containers

Halloween Container

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• 1 Halloween Container

What's Inside?

You've got a chance of scoring one of the following:

  • 15x "Halloween" camo 
  • 15x "Halloween 2016" camo 
  • 20,000 Free XP 
  • 1,500,000 
  • 75x "Sierra Mike" flags 
  • 75x "India Delta" flags 
  • 75x "India X-Ray" flags 
  • 15x "Storm Wind" camo 
  • 15x "Blue Lagoon" camo 
  • A rare Halloween permanent camo! 

About that last one...

For those who gaze upon our Halloween Scenario ships and long to have them in their ports, these camos are for you! Each permanent camouflage modifies certain ships.

Destroyer Wakatake: Blade

Battleship Nassau: Jackal

Cruiser St. Louis: Igor

Destroyer Kagero: Urashima

Cruiser Chapayev: Svyatozar

Battleship Tirpitz: Magnu-S

Carrier Lexington: Nobilium

Destroyer Benson: Ghoul

Cruiser Charles Martel: Scarab

Battleship Bismarck: Varg

Carrier Shokaku: Great Gorgon

All these can be found in Halloween Pumpkin Containers. Each one grants the same bonuses as other permanent camouflage for the respective ship!

Duplicates are Dumb
If you pull a permanent Halloween camo you already own, the Container will randomly select another permanent Halloween camo. If you already own all permanent Halloween camos, you'll get a payout of 2,500  to 5,000  instead!