Team Rubicon Reloaded - Help Hurricane Victims

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Never Stop Fighting ‘til the Fight Is Done!

Our support of Team Rubicon to relieve the damage left by recent hurricanes started on September 13 when we offered three special bundles with 100% of the proceeds going to Team Rubicon and their disaster response efforts. 

Since then, over 1,840 people helped us raise $33,000 in Rubicon bundle sales, impressive aid from less than 1% of our current NA region players.

We’re proud of our community and staff who’ve donated, but we’re far from finished. 

Earn USS AlabamaTeam Rubicon | Bundles and Mission | Direct Donation

If you buy any of the Rubicon Bundles from September 13, 04:20 PT (07:20 ET) through October 13, 04:20 PT (07:20 ET), you'll be entered to win a total of one of 10 sets of USS Alabama + Port Slot in a random drawing on October 20. 

Solid armor, big guns and a tight turning radius make this tier VIII Premium battleship the Belle of the Brawl! 

Each bundle you buy increases your chance of being picked, but you can't win more than once! 

Already got Alabama? You'll get the 12,200 value for the ship along with a spare Port Slot instead. 

Still Want to Help? 

The bundles are live until October 13, 04:20 PT (07:20 ET). Grab one today!

Already got one? Make a direct donation, tell a friend and spread the word -- let's quadruple the amount!


About Team Rubicon

Ends October 13, 04:20 PT (07:20 ET) 

Rubicon Bundles

You'll need to log into your Wargaming account before viewing "Limit One" bundles when they deploy in the Premium Shop.

Rubicon Deluxe
$9.99 (Limit One)

Buy Now

• 20x Damage Control Party II 
• 20x Repair Party II 
3 Premium Days 
Special Mission Access: Earn a "Lifesaver"Flag 

Rubicon Ultimate
$24.99 (Limit One)

Buy Now

• 30x Damage Control Party II 
• 30x Repair Party II
7 Premium Days 
• Special Mission Access: Earn a "Lifesaver"Flag 
10-Skill Point US Commander  


$4.99 (Limit One)

Buy Now

• 10x Damage Control Party II 
• 10x Repair Party II
• 1 Premium Day 
Special Mission Access: Earn a "Lifesaver"Flag 

Please be advised that even if you purchase more than one bundle, you'll only be able to complete the Lifesaver Mission once, as we can't award duplicates of the same Commemorative Flag to your account.

Lifesaver Mission

Ends December 31, 03:20 PT (06:20 ET)

After purchasing any of the Rubicon Bundles, Earn 15,000 base XP  over any number of battles of any types.
Battle Type: All 
Ship Tier and Class Restrictions: All tiers, all ship classes.   
• Custom "Lifesaver" Commemorative Flag

This Flag is cosmetic and provides no in-game bonuses.

Or make a direct donation via this Team Rubicon fundraising page to fuel their disaster relief fund and Wargaming America will match each donation dollar for dollar up to $20,000.

Donate Now

Thank you for your contributions, and stay tuned for more charity announcements!