Blyskawica Joins the Anniversary Party

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Ride the Lightning! 

Commissioned on November 25, 1937, Blyskawica joined her fellow Grom-class vessels as some of the fastest and speediest destroyers at the time. 85 years later, Blyskawica returns to the Premium Shop to party alongside Indianapolis to celebrate November ship anniversaries!  

Fast Facts: Blyskawica - Tier VII  
Strengths: Main Guns, HE Fire Chance, Concealment, Torpedo Damage
Weaknesses: Torpedo Speed and Range, AA, Turning
Historical Role: Played a variety of convoy roles throughout World War II, including Operation Dynamo
Historical Moment: The only ship in the Polish Navy to receive the “Virtuti Militari” medal 

Starts November 17, 03:20 PT (06:20 ET)
November 27, 03:20 PT (06:20 ET)

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Blyskawica  + Port Slot