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Order Your Own Giulio Cesare!

Giulio Cesare is still on the menu for a few more days -- see what your fellow captains had to say about this agile “Floating Lamborghini” and decide if you want this slippery flanker to romaine in your Port. 

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Player Pics

A ship this big needs Crew by the ton. If only there was some sort of singular, crunchy expression for such a concept.

Oh look. Thanks GBean17!


With the salad course out of the way, Goose21891 serves up the main meal...

While Dr_Venture proves you don’t need a henchman to drive enemy carrier Commanders loopy with Cesare’s tight turn radius. 


Community Commentary

HMAS_Melbourne calls Giulio Cesare “The most fun you can have at tier V […] feels like a hybrid between a Kongo and a König, and that can never be a bad thing. Another five-star Premium, highly recommended.”

"Aren't you a little short for a battleship?" writes BrandonKF. "Yes, I am […] My guns are closer together so my salvo dispersion looks less bad, my sigma is great, I chew cruisers with AP citadels, I burn battleships with HE and then AP-penetrate like the knives the senators used on me, and I can delete nasty destroyers with HE all day. Would you like some more spice with your pasta?”

Out of character, Brandon has tips that are more technical:

“Don't expect her armor to protect her; play a little back in the line (maybe one or two km at most), find unaware opponents, catch them unawares with full broadsides, and wiggle back into an angle before they brunt-force-trauma you with their return fire.”


Replay Links

VonKaiser and RealNewDeal share some informative replays.


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