Dasha Presents Update 0.6.12: This is Halloween

General News

0.6.12 Update Notes

The update happens October 18; preparation begins at 03:00 PT/ 05:00 ET until 06:00 PT/ 08:00 ET.

We've seen some questions about mods -- please note that any mods previously installed may cause compatibility issues with any update. If you have mods and have difficulty playing, try launching the normal game in "Safe Mode" using the drop-down arrow next to the "Play" button, then uninstall or otherwise remove the mods. 

If you're still having trouble, contact Support. If you're on a mobile device, you can message them on Twitter.

Update notes are subject to change!

A Daring Discount

Want to change up your fleet? Get a -100% discount to respec your Commanders and demount modifications from Oct. 18, 04:00 PT (07:00 ET) through Oct. 23, 04:00 PT (07:00 ET)  

Why the Discount? 

We understand that many Commanders are used to a particular meta, and it quite likely will shift in Clan battles due to a different set of rules. That is why we decided to make the following adjustments: You'll be able to redistribute Commanders’ Skills and dismount all of the ship modifications for free. This is time sensitive however:  Wednesday through Monday (Oct. 18-23) after Update 0.6.12 lands.

Halloween Event | Clan Battles | Tier X Rentals | Balance | Ship Appearance | Deepwater Torpedoes
Smoke Mechanics | Other | New Content

Halloween Event

Ancient texts suggest that on the last night of October, masses of the undead rise from their final resting places and roam the Earth.

Saving Transylvania is available during the first week of Update 0.6.12. After that, the event is available for the duration of Update 0.6.12, but only for teams assembled by players (just like other previous Operations).

But wait; have you ever asked yourself what happened to the Transylvania and her heroic defenders once they made their daring escape through the Portal? This time, the event will involve two parts, and we invite you to dive in to the sequel of the beloved tale of monstrous ships and hellfire-slinging catapults!

You'll get another chance to play the thrilling "Saving Transylvania" event again to defend the waters of the Silver Spear Archipelago from invasion by the Forces of Darkness!

Starting from the second week and during the subsequent two weeks, we'll add a micro-update to unlock the follow-up part of Halloween 2017, "A Light In The Dark".

Learn More About Halloween Mode Pt. 1

In Saving Transylvania, you control one of three otherworldly warships placed in your Port for the duration of the event: the destroyer Blade, the battleship Jackal, and the cruiser Igor, and their 19-Skill-point Commanders. Together they must escort the Transylvania to the arcane portal that brings them all to safety. Unfortunately, they'll have to fend off Zikasa battleships and hellfire-slinging catapults led by the mysterious Rasputin, determined to destroy the Transylvania and her escorts! 

Greet these "old friends" available during the "Saving Transylvania" event:


  • Destroyer Blade, with Commander Abraham V. Hellsinger

  • Battleship Jackal, with Commander Henry J. Hide

  • Cruiser Igor, with Commander Victor F. Einstein


Set sail in four new ships with brave Commanders during "A Light in The Dark" event:


  • Destroyer Urashima, with Commander Mina Hurray

  • Cruiser Svyatozar, with Commander Ivan K. Ulibin

  • Battleship Magnu-S, with Commander Klaus V. Teslau

  • Carrier Nobilium with, Commander Lazarus Centurio

Though the commanders may be reassigned between the event ships, they may not be assigned to other in-game ships.

Become one of the first to continue this legendary operation! Help the heroes of Silver Spear repel the attack of the filthy scoundrels and become the beam that will scatter the gathering Darkness.

Update 0.6.13 concludes the "A Light in The Dark" operation, and all ships and their Commanders is removed from your accounts. All upgrades, signals, and flags are then removed from the ships and placed in the Inventory.

If you purchased upgraded consumables during the event, they'll be removed in the next update with 7,500 Credits added to your account for each unit.

To make the Halloween ships visible in the Port, check the Additional Content settings panel


With the release of Update 0.6.12, two new Ports, Halloween 2016 and Halloween 2017, are available for all players.

The Halloween Port will be basic for everyone. 



  • Added a control that allows hiding or showing additional content related to the Halloween event
  • Decorated the ship delivering Containers
  • Added a new achievement for completing the "A Light in The Dark" event.
  • Brought back the possibility to earn the achievement that can be obtained for completing the "Saving Transylvania" event


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Clan Battles

After Update 0.6.12 goes live, find Clan Battles in the list of battle modes!

More about Clan Battles


Battle Rules

  • Clan Battles are played in the 7v7 format with tier X ships
  • Restrictions on ship types: one battleship, no carriers -- each team can have a single battleship

In Clan Battles, you and your Clan clash for points to climb to the top. The Clan Rating system is made up of four Leagues:


  • Squall League  (start here)
  • Gale League
  • Storm League
  • Typhoon League (top dogs!) 

Each league has three groups. To advance, a Clan needs to fight in Clan Battles. Your team increases its rating after each victory and loses it after each defeat. After Clan earns specific amount of rating, it moves to the next group, so, step by step, the Clan advances to the top league and desired podium.

A Clan may be participate in Clan Battle only by a representative of the Clan's senior command (officers not allowed), acting as that squad's leader.


Other Interface-Related Changes

Invitations to join a Clan can be sent through the Contacts menu in the Port. However, you cannot send an invitation if you are not in a Clan yourself, if you do not have the required authority by your rank in the Clan, or if your invitee is already in a Clan. Moreover, invitations to join a Clan is ineffective if a player is already in another Clan or if the Clan is fully staffed.

We added the following tabs to the Clan page:

  • Clan Battles with the following information:

    - Number of battles played by the Clan in the ongoing season
    - Clan’s win rate for the season
    - Clan’s current standing in the season
    - Maximum record for the season
    - Maximum win streak in the season
    - Detailed battle log
    - Clan Rating with information about leaders and the Clan’s position in the season

  • Added information about the Clan’s current standing in the season to the page with the Clan’s Naval Base
  • In the list of Clan members, information about statistics is snow supplemented with data on achievements in Clan Battles


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Creating a Clan Division

We changed the interface for Clan Divisions. Regardless of battle type, all players in a Clan is able to see all Divisions currently commanded by their Clanmates via the Create Division tab provided that the Division lock feature is not enabled. A player can enter a Clan Division themselves without an additional invitation. Divisions that are currently in battle are marked with a special symbol and do not allow entry.

The following info is available for every Division:

  • Division number
  • Type of battle
  • Current and maximum number of members
  • Hover over a Division to see a pop-up with info on Division lineup and extra information
  • A Division is at a specific mark if it contains players that do not belong to Clan
  • When a Division is in battle, a special status is assigned to it
  • If a Division is locked, it is displayed in the list of Divisions but it won’t allow entry

Detailed information about a Division is available with no need for entry by hovering the mouse cursor over its number.


Changes to Divisions Interface

If a Division is not locked, any player can join it during a battle via the Divisions interface.

We changed the Divisions interface for Operations by adding a ‘Pick up allies’ feature. Check that box, and you’ll have your Division allies picked up randomly from all players looking to join a Division. Be mindful, however, that automatic selection of allies is only available for the Operation of the Week.


Clan Chat

The results of Clan battles is transmitted regularly via chat messages. Messages will appear in the neutral, positive or negative colours depending on the type and result of a battle.


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Tier X Ship Rentals

No Tier Xs? We're Here to Help!

We know it takes a while to research a tier X ship and that unlocking even one is a grand achievement. But if you're interested in Clan Battles and haven't put in the time to reach tier X, we have rentable ships!

When the season starts, if you played a Random or Clan Battle in a tier VIII-X ship, you’ll get a set of three special tier X ships for temporary use:

Japanese cruiser Zao


Japanese destroyer Shimakaze


German battleship Großer Kurfürst


Some things to know:

  • You get these ships temporarily, each batch of three is replaced after each three-week cycle, and the final set is removed when Season 1 of Clan Battles ends.

If you start playing Clan Battles from Update 0.6.12, you’ll be able to try a total of nine different ships throughout Clan Battles Season 1, which lasts from update 0.6.12 until 0.6.15. These ships are replaced in each listed update with three other ships of the same type – a special timer  notifies you of that.

Update 0.6.12

  •   Zao 
  •   Shimakaze
  •   Großer Kurfürst

Update 0.6.13

  •   Hindenburg
  •   Grozovoi
  •   Montana

Update 0.6.14

  •   Moskva
  •   Gearing
  •   Yamato


  • Only for use in Clan Battles 
  • You can’t mount any camo on these ships
  • You can re-assign Commanders to these ships without penalty
  • Rented ships bring you the same amount of Credits, XP, Free XP, and Commander XP as ordinary ships
  • When removed, the ships' Commanders are automatically sent to your Reserve; its upgrades, consumables and signals move to your Inventory, and XP earned with a rented ship is transferred to the starting ship of its respective nation
  • If the ships have alternative modules like Shimakaze's torpedoes, you can mount them at no cost 
  • You'll get the ships with their own Port Slots, which leave when the ship does


We hope these rentable ships drive participation in Clan Battles, and perhaps let you see what you want to research next!


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New Content


  • Added a separate control to enable or disable the display of the action range for the Hydroacoustic Search and Surveillance Radar on the minimap. The display may be enabled in the minimap settings.
  • Added an icon for the ammunition panel for bomb carriers with AP bombs.
  • Added new Clan function to send Clan invitation from in-game interface.


New Ships

Developers, supertesters and other special contributors get to test US tier VIII battleship Massachusetts, and Commonwealth tier III destroyer Vampire.

The ships being tested are not available for purchase and research, but players may encounter them in battle.

Mikhail Kutuzov, Belfast and Perth are no longer available for in-game purchase

Commemorative Flags

  • "USS Indianapolis"
  • "Tirpitz"
  • "The Coo of Boom"
  • "The Hard Fought Victory"



New "Type 59" Camo (125 ) Found in the "Exterior" tab

  • -3% to detectability range
  • +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy attacking your ship
  • +200% to XP earned in the battle

The bonus to XP per battle is increased from 30% to 50% for all permanent camo which provided a 30% bonus to XP earned per battle. The following camo and ships were changed:

  • Type "9" (Mikasa, Ishizuchi, Katori, Yūbari, Iwaki Alpha, Tachibana, Tachibana Lima, Kamikaze, Kamikaze R, Fujin, Arkansas Beta, Texas, Albany, Marblehead, Marblehead Lima, Smith, Imperator Nikolai I, Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya, Diana, Diana Lima, Aurora, Oleg, Murmansk, Krasny Krym, Gremyashchy, Okhotnik, König Albert, Emden, and Campbeltown)
  • Type "15" (New York)
  • Type "16" (Ryujo, Fuso, Aoba, Fubuki, Hatsuharu, Independence, New Mexico, Cleveland, Farragut, Budyonny, Gnevny, Bayern, Nürnberg, Ernst Gaede, Queen Elizabeth, and Leander)
  • Lá Fhéile Pádraig 2017 – Emerald Edition (Emerald)
  • Skull (New York)
  • Stars and Stripes (Texas)
  • Combat Veteran Camouflage (Albany)
  • Krasny Oktyabr (Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya)

Added an additional bonus (-5% to the cost of the ship's post-battle service) to the From the Bottom of the Ocean and The Last Conquest permanent camouflage for the battleship Hood.

Added an extra bonus (-10% to the cost of the ship's post-battle service) to the From the Bottom of the Ocean and The Last Conquest permanent camouflage for the battleship Bismarck.


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Ship Appearance Changes

Improved appearance of tier IV ships with better rendering of thin elements like rigging. This correction won't affect performance:

  • Langley, Arkansas, Phoenix, Clemson, Hosho, Myogi, Kuma, Isokaze, Izyaslav, Svietlana, Kaiser, Karlsruhe

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Balance Corrections

Conqueror and Lion:

  • Changed the reloading time for the Repair Party I consumable from 120 to 180s
  • Repair Party II reload changed from 80 to 120s 

Slightly redistributed HP between the casemate and superstructure for Lion. The superstructure located below the secondary battery guns is now attributable to the superstructure of the ship.

Changed distance of visibility and identification of Conqueror when observed from ships from 14.76km to 15.66km.

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Deepwater Torpedoes

Deepwater torpedoes will now engage targets depending on the type of ship that's locked-son. Pan-Asian destroyers and the torpedo bombers of the German carrier Graf Zeppelin carry torpedoes that can hit any target in the game except destroyers.

Be mindful that in Update 0.6.11 deepwater torpedoes could hit targets depending on their draft. Torpedoes passing beneath a player's ship are displayed as circle indicators. In this case, the torpedo approach alarm won't go off and the torpedo alarm indicator won't be displayed, either.

Torpedoes that pose a threat to a player's ship are still indicated with a triangle icon coupled with a horizontal trace on the sea surface.

When locked on a target that deepwater torpedoes cannot hit, the "Impossible to hit target" indication will appear.

The same mechanics of detection are applied to deepwater and conventional torpedoes alike.


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Changes in Ship Detection Mechanics

Get clarification on recent smoke changes with a guide from Community Contributor NoZoupForYou!

Firing out of smokescreen has been the standard tactic of destroyers and light cruisers with a Smoke Generator. However, smokescreen as a means of attack wasn't intended for heavy cruisers and battleships. A battleship/heavy cruiser acting wisely in cooperation with a destroyer could deliver huge damage to opponents keeping them at bay. 

In Ranked Battles, the use of this tactic resulted in passive play, when players simply waited, testing their opponents' nerves and smokescreens. Respecting players' feedback, we started to work on improving the smokescreen mechanics, and we're finally ready to show you the latest version. 

Don't worry, the new mechanics won't dramatically affect ships that were balanced according to their use of the Smoke Generator. Regardless, these changes will only affect short- and mid-range battles.

As a reminder, according to the previous mechanics, a ship that fired from smokescreen was completely invisible, and could be only detected from an assured acquisition distance of 2km (3km provided the Target Acquisition System Modification 1 is installed), or with the help of Hydroacoustic Search or Surveillance Radar consumable. With the changes, a ship firing from behind a smokescreen becomes visible.


How it works

Each ship has the Detectability after firing the main guns in smoke parameter, which depends on the gun caliber and type of ship. See parameter values for each ship at the end of the section. If an enemy ship hiding behind a smokescreen is within the range determined by this parameter value, she is detected after she fires her main guns. The new mechanics won't have effect on islands, aircraft, secondary armament, and AA capabilities – only the main battery and detectability from sea.

The assured acquisition value (2.0km) and Detectability after firing the main guns value is displayed in the ship's specifications in the Port, when pressing the "H" key in battle, or when hovering on hit points (model) of the ship.

  • If the ship hasn't been detected and she doesn't sit in a smokescreen, the circles, as before, will display the current ship's detectability value (basic value plus modifiers).
  • If the ship hasn't been detected and she fires not being in smokescreen, then the circles will expand up to the Detectability after firing the main guns in smoke value.
  • If the ship hasn't been detected and she sits in a smokescreen, then the assured acquisition circle of 2km is displayed; besides, the ship cannot be detected by aircraft.
  • If the ship sits in a smokescreen and fires a main gun shell, then the circle will expand up to the Detectability after firing the main guns in smoke value. If the ship is detected after firing a shell, the circle width will remain the same. Additionally, if the ship goes out of smokescreen before the detectability penalty ceases, the circle will expand up to the Detectability after firing the main guns value.
  • This logic is also applicable to the behavior of detectability range circles on the minimap.

In other words, if a ship fires a main gun shell, smokescreen won't guarantee its invisibility. Earlier, firing from smokescreen didn't influence ship detectability (it remained invisible). After the changes applied, enemy ships are more likely to spot you after you fire from smokescreen. After firing, the detectability range value is 2.5km for destroyers, 5.9km for cruisers, and 13.6km for battleships. Time period within which a ship can be detected is 20 seconds.


South Carolina: 10.62km
Wyoming: 10.77km
New York: 13.99km
Colorado: 16.19km
North Carolina15.1km
Arkansas Beta: 10.77km
Montana: 17.38km
Iowa: 15.64km
New Mexico: 12.31km
Arizona: 12.47km
Alabama: 15.64km
Missouri: 15.64km
Texas: 13.99km
Alabama ST: 15.64km
Erie: 3.58km
Chester: 3.66km
Albany: 3.83km
St. Louis: 5.04km
Omaha: 6.87km
Atlanta: 4.6km
Cleveland: 6.71km
Pensacola: 7.32km
New Orleans: 7.05km
Baltimore: 7.18km
Des Moines: 8.18km
Phoenix: 6.58km
Marblehead: 6.87km
Marblehead Lima: 6.87km
Indianapolis: 8.18km
Flint: 4.6km
Sampson: 1.95km
Farragut: 2.83km
Mahan: 2.98km
Benson: 2.75km
Gearing: 2.83km
Nicholas: 2.49km
Clemson: 2.21km
Fletcher: 2.75km
Wickes: 2.09km
Sims: 2.83km
Smith: 1.93km
Black: 2.75km
Warspite: 13.03km
Bellerophon: 10.47km
Orion: 12.11km
Iron Duke: 12.59km
Queen Elizabeth: 13.19km
King George V: 12.63km
Monarch: 13.35km
Lion: 14.76km
Conqueror: 16.69km
Hood: 14.89km
Nelson: 14.76km
Black Swan: 2.21km
Weymouth: 4.6km
Caledon: 4.5km
Danae: 4.71km
Emerald: 5.4km
Leander: 4.6km
Fiji: 5.4km
Edinburgh: 5.52km
Neptune: 6.58km
Minotaur: 5.4km
Belfast: 5.28km
Campbeltown: 2.09km
Gallant: 2.43km
Dunkerque: 14.2km
Bougainville: 3.34km
Jurien: 4.17km
Friant: 5.04km
Duguay-Trouin: 6.78km
Émile Bertin: 6.16km
La Galissonnière: 6.72km
Algérie: 8.18km
Charles Martel: 8.03km
Saint-Louis: 9.13km
Henri IV: 11.54km
De Grasse: 6.72km
Tirpitz: 15.05km
Nassau: 7.6km
Kaiser: 10.92km
König: 11.24km
Bayern: 13.65km
Gneisenau: 14.33km
Bismarck: 15.05km
Friedrich der Große: 16.77km
Großer Kurfürst: 17.79km
König Albert: 8.85km
Scharnhorst: 11.68km
Hermelin: 3.32km
Dresden: 3.4km
Kolberg: 3.5km
Karlsruhe: 4.78km
Königsberg: 5.99km
Nürnberg: 6.13km
Yorck: 8.33km
Admiral Hipper: 8.49km
Roon: 8.65km
Hindenburg: 10.17km
Emden: 3.4km
Admiral Graf Spee: 9.47km
Prinz Eugen: 9.13km
HSF Admiral Graf Spee: 9.47km
V-25: 2km
G-101: 2.13km
V-170: 2.01km
T-22: 2.26km
Ernst Gaede: 2.9km
Leberecht Maass: 2.9km
Z-23: 3.38km
Z-46: 2.83km
Z-52: 2.9km
Giulio Cesare: 10.86km
Duca d'Aosta: 5.77km
Kawachi: 7.65km
Myogi: 14.54km
Fuso: 17.3km
Kongo: 14.17km
Ishizuchi: 11.81km
Nagato: 16.7km
Mikasa: 8.85km
Amagi: 16.9km
Yamato: 19.27km
Izumo: 19.21km
Mutsu: 16.51km
Kii: 17.5km
ARP Kongō: 14.17km
ARP Kirishima: 14.17km
ARP Haruna: 14.17km
ARP Hiei: 14.17km
Yūbari: 4.18km
Furutaka: 6.92km
Aoba: 6.79km
Myoko: 7.6km
Mogami: 6.79km
Ibuki: 7.18km
Kuma: 5.06km
Tenryu: 3.36km
Iwaki Alpha: 4.71km
Zao: 7.18km
Chikuma: 4.01km
Hashidate: 2.78km
Atago: 6.66km
Katori: 4.83km
ARP Myoko: 7.6km
ARP Ashigara: 7.6km
ARP Takao: 6.66km
ARP Haguro: 7.6km
Southern Dragon: 7.6km
Eastern Dragon: 7.6km
ARP Nachi: 7.6km
Tachibana: 1.96km
Umikaze: 2.03km
Isokaze: 2.19km
Minekaze: 2.22km
Shimakaze: 2.83km
Tachibana Lima: 1.96km
Fūjin: 2.22km
Wakatake: 2.19km
Kamikaze: 2.22km
Kamikaze R: 2.22km
Mutsuki: 2.22km
Fubuki: 2.62km
Akatsuki: 2.75km
Akizuki: 2.39km
Hatsuharu: 2.49km
Shiratsuyu: 2.49km
Kagero: 2.55km
Yūgumo: 2.62km
Shinonome: 2.62km
HSF Harekaze: 2.55km
Imperator Nikolai I: 9.75km
Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya: 10.47km
Aurora: 4.82km
Diana: 4.93km
Murmansk: 6.58km
Diana Lima: 4.93km
Orlan: 3.03km
Novik: 3.74km
Bogatyr: 4.21km
Svietlana: 4.01km
Kirov: 8.01km
Budyonny: 6.58km
Shchors: 6.72km
Chapayev: 6.66km
Dmitri Donskoi: 6.96km
Moskva: 12.66km
Oleg: 4.6km
Krasny Krym: 6.62km
Molotov: 7.12km
Mikhail Kutuzov: 7.72km
Admiral Makarov: 5.99km
Gremyashchy: 2.66km
Storozhevoi: 1.98km
Derzki: 1.98km
Izyaslav: 2.09km
Udaloi: 3.33km
Khabarovsk: 4.06km
Podvoisky: 2.95km
Gnevny: 2.67km
Minsk: 2.95km
Ognevoi: 2.95km
Grozovoi: 2.9km
Kiev: 3.53km
Tashkent: 3.73km
Okhotnik: 2.48km
Leningrad: 2.88km
Perth: 4.5km
Błyskawica: 2.78km
Anshan: 2.73km
Loyang: 2.75km

After announcing changes to the way smokescreens will operate, the World of Warships Developers decided to give players who own Premium ships carrying a Smoke Generator (Mikhail Kutuzov, Belfast and Perth) an option to exchange the ships for Doubloons in an amount equaling to the ships' price, no discounts applied, if they feel those ships no longer meet their gameplay expectations.

To exchange a ship for Doubloons, sell her and get your Doubloons right in the game. The exchange option is available until the release of Update 0.6.14.

With Update 0.6.12, the cruisers Mikhail Kutuzov, Belfast, and Perth are unavailable for purchase and will subsequently be removed from sale in all Premium Shops. They turned out to be excessively efficient in certain battle situations. However, the ships will continue to be available in Containers.

In the past, we did make general changes that affected Premium ships. This change is an isolated case, and all future changes (if any) to the in-game Premium fleet will now be considered on an individual basis.

We currently find the British cruiser branch generally well-balanced, but we'll look for ways to enhance their power should we observe a noticeable drop in combat efficiency.


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Other Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed bug that caused game to hang when exiting
  • Fixed bug occurring mostly in low-tier battles, which excluded all information about a newly achieved Commander level from post-battle statistics in cases when several Commander levels were earned in a single battle
  • Fixed bug that prevented info about cruiser Moskva's AA capabilities to fit in designated field in ship's characteristics in cases when she is in a maximum AA build
  • Fixed glitch with display of Caps Lock indicator in login field
  • Fixed bug that caused an allied escort cursor to appear randomly on screen when playing with an carrier
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect blocking of battle chat
  • Fixed bug that didn’t allow animation of take-off of a catapult-launched aircraft to play for an outside observer
  • Fixed bug that caused hang-up of game in Port once time for dismissal of a Commander has expired
  • Fixed bug that delivered following message: "Disc is missing. Insert disc in drive D" to be displayed right after launch of game
  • Fixed bug that prevented Oil from being credited to a player’s account with a Container (Oil will be credited within a week after the Update)
  • Fixed bug that caused armor protecting superstructures of battleship Bismarck to be displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed bug where no ship is selected in Port upon reconnection to Internet following a disconnection
  • Jurien: Changed draft of ship to 6.4m to bring it in line with ship's historical prototype
  • Chapayev: Diverted catapult leftwards by 13.4 deg
  • Roon: Extended spotting range from 24.54km to 24.8km

Made minor changes to the distribution of HP for the following ships:

  • Svietlana: Increased number of HP in fore end of ship's Hull B by 100 points
  • Langley: Reduced number of HP for steering gear of Hull A by 100 points
  • Myogi: Reduced number of HP for steering gear of Hull A by 900 points
  • Hakuryu: Increased number of HP in ship's fore end by 100 points
  • Hosho: Increased number of HP for steering gear of Hull B by 200 points
  • HSF Harekaze: Increased number of HP for 127mm/54 artillery from 1,000 to 4,000

(This change won't affect total HP of ship itself)

For following aircraft, increased detectability ranges from 4km to 7km when detected by air and to 8km when detected by sea:

  • Mitsubishi F1M2 (Fuso)
  • Loire 130 (Dunkerque)
  • Breguet Br.790 (Saint-Louis)
  • Arado Ar.196 (Gneisenau, Tirpiz, Bismarck, Roon, Hindenburg)
  • Focke-Wulf Fw.62 (Scharnhorst)
  • Arado Ar.196C (Friedrich der Große, Großer Kurfürst)
  • Aichi E13A1 (Nagato)
  • Aichi E13A1B (Amagi, Kii)
  • Kawanishi E15K1 (Yamato)
  • Kawanishi E7K (Kongo + tier V ARP ships)
  • Vought OS2U (Murmansk)
  • Nikitin KOR-2 (M-62, Kirov)
  • Beriyev KOR-3 (M-87, Chapayev)
  • Shavrov KOR-2 (M-105, Shchors)
  • Vought OS2U Kingfisher (Iowa)
  • Vought UO-1 (New Mexico)
  • N3N Canary (Colorado)
  • Curtiss SC-1 (Montana, Baltimore)
  • Curtiss SC-2 (Des Moines)
  • Vought OS2U (North Carolina)
  • Vought OS2U-1 (Arizona)
  • Curtiss SC-1 (Alabama)

Fixed minor visual geometry and texture artifacts for following ships:

  • Pensacola
  • Saint-Louis (France)
  • Taiho
  • Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya
  • Monarch
  • King George V
  • Charles Martel
  • Nelson

Other Changes:

  • Removed name plates at sterns of Ishizuchi and Mikasa
  • Changed IFF Antenna for TBS on carrier Enterprise
  • A reserve aircraft now displays on deck of French cruiser Saint-Louis when ship is in Port

These ship changes won't affect their combat performance.

  • Added two single-barrel Oerlikon cannons on Nelson with a minor increase in ship's AA defenses at short range
  • Added a video with a preview image for Level 15 in the Service Record
  • Now, the last battle date won’t be displayed in a player profile if the player has yet to play a battle


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