Public Test 0.5.2 Developer Bulletin -- New Maps and Signal Flags!

General News

Like the title says, new maps and signal flags. Plus all the lever pulling, dial spinning, and game balancing you can possibly handle -- our development team shares a few words about the upcoming Public Test for 0.5.2!

The Public Test is a chance for you to try new and upcoming features in World of Warships before they're introduced to the live game client. This iteration of Public Test will be active December 15 - 21. Please find more information on how to participate on the dedicated page.

New Maps: Atlantic and Shatter

We're sure it'll come as no surprise that the new maps feature large expanses of water and smaller bits of land. But what you may not know is that these maps are inspired by real-life locations (thanks Google Earth)! Either way, the small details and atmosphere are the result of hundreds, if not thousands, of man-hours spent creating these vibrant environments.

Be sure to let the developers know what you think of their handiwork in the Public Test feedback forums!


Modeled after the region around the Azore islands, an archipelago located off the coast of Portugal, the Atlantic map showcases the island chain that was often referred to as "the crossroads of the Atlantic." Its location made it a strategically important region.


Off the coast of eastern Canada lies Shatter. WWII battlegrounds are often thought of as being far away for those living in the US. But consideration was definitely paid to the idea that the battle could begin much much closer to home. Shatter captures an excellent ambiance. Perfect for plenty of pew-pew!

Signal Flags: Not Just a Fashion Choice

Want to build a hulking XP-earning machine? Credits more your speed? Want to just light your enemies on fire over and over again? Signal Flags are the answer! We're adding six new ones, so expect to see some beastly builds after Update 0.5.2 officially goes live.

Papa Papa (Achievement: Solo Warrior)

Boosts earnings for Free Experience

November Foxtrot (Achievement: High Caliber)

Reduces the recharging time for Consumables

Zulu Hotel (Achievement: Confederate)

Boosts Commander Skills (the previous signal flag Equal Speed Charlie London is now awarded for a different achievement)

November Echo Setteseven (Achievement: Clear Sky)

Improves the performance of anti-aircraft guns and defensive weapons on attack aircraft

Victor Lima (Achievement: Witherer)

Slightly increases the chances of flooding an enemy ship or setting it on fire

India X-Ray (Achievement: Arsonist)

Increases the chances of setting an enemy ship on fire; enemy has a greater chance of detonating your magazine

Juliet Whiskey Unaone (Achievement: Liquidator)

Increases the chances of flooding an enemy ship; enemy has a greater chance of detonating your magazine

Solving the "Depot Problem"

No, you haven't won the World of Warships lottery, but some of you are in for a hefty compensation of Credits!

Currently, there's no way for you to sell old modules -- they reside in a magical space doing nothing but sitting pretty. We're implementing a change that will automatically sell old modules for half of their original Credit value when you sell a ship that has them (though not more than one piece of each module type will be sold). This means the first time you sign in after 0.5.2 goes live, you'll get paid for old modules that were removed from ships as you sold them!

Karma, it's Coming for You

Nothing to be afraid of. Just as we have an in-game option to "report" someone, we're setting up a system to "compliment" someone as well. This karma score will be visible on your player profile. It's in the early stages of development, but eventually there will be automatic rewards when you achieve higher and higher levels of karma.

Balance, Bias, it's All Relative

There's a host of game balances, fixes, and improvements coming with the 0.5.2 update, most of which is incredibly nitty gritty. We won't get bogged down with too much detail here in the Developer Bulletin. For now, here's a sampler:

  • "Top Gun" Achievement added for players who destroy five or more enemy ships in one battle
  • Beginner's tutorial available from the Port screen
  • Permanent camouflage
  • In-game web browser; handy for watching all those training and strategy videos
  • Mini-client for new players (includes tiers I & II); roughtly 30% of the size compared to the full client
  • Added the ability to cancel the dismissal of your Commander within five minutes of the original action (good for all the quick clickers out there!)
  • Reduced the damage done by "friendly" torpedoes to allied ships by 50%
  • Erie, Chester, and Nicholas now have a better-protected casemate; they can no longer be damaged by low-caliber high-explosive shells
  • Anti-aircraft gun performance tinkering
  • Encounter Battle mode has been disabled while we sift mountains of data to improve the overall player experience
  • We pulled a few levers and pressed some buttons surrounding how Japanese torpedo planes drop their payload. Improvement? You decide!
  • The Target Acquisition System 1 Upgrade now comes with a free subscription to our WordPress travel/food blog (just kidding, but really, there are changes)

Full notes coming soon!