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Putting the “Op” in Co-Op! 

The Basics | Operations: Season 1 | Forming Your Team | Victory and Rewards

Updated June 8: Attention on Deck! We spotted a technical issue with Operations. The "Do Not Complete Team" option was not working and players were unable to use this button in Operations.

We deployed a fix June 8 at 03:00 PT / 06:00 ET. It took five minutes, without long server downtime. Thank you for your patience and consideration!

Update 0.6.6 deploys Scenarios, a new cooperative mode where captains team up to take on a variety of Operations: attack enemy bases, escort support vessels, protect allies under siege, and more! Each Operation has its own set of conditions and objectives! 

The Basics

  • Operations are for captains with account level 8 or higher and helming tier V & VI ships
  • The maximum team size in an Operation is seven  
  • During an Operations Season, a new Operation will be introduced each week
  • Success is based on mission completion, not enemy destruction. Focus on the objective! 
  • After an Operation ends, the participating ship will need to wait 30 minutes to embark on further Operations (but you can send in other ships immediately).

You can access Operations the same way as any other battle mode. 

Operations: Season 1

With the release of Update 0.6.6, only the Defense of Naval Station Newport Operation is available. After that, a new Operation will be introduced every seven days. The newest will have a special “Operation of the Week” status.

Tis the Season! Once the last Operation of the Season is introduced, the Season’s Operations will rotate weekly as the “Operation of the Week.”

Season 1 Operations:

  • Defense of Naval Station Newport: Defend the onshore bases and allied vessels from enemy reinforcements
  • Operation Aegis: Repel an enemy fleet attack on allied support vessels 
  • Operation Killer Whale: Take part in a daring raid on an enemy base! 
  • Operation Raptor Rescue: Safely escort a besieged aircraft carrier

Forming Your Team

Operations let you create Extended Divisions, a Division containing four to seven players exclusive to Operations mode. 

Find Your Voice! All members of an Extended Division will be able to communicate in voice chat. You can enable voice chat on the "Audio" tab in Settings.

You can also jump into the Operation of the Week solo and be automatically placed in a Division. When forming your Extended Division for the Operation of the Week, the game will help you fill out a Division with less than seven players. You can disable this function by clicking the lock icon on your Extended Division. This drop-in/auto-complete feature is only available for the Operation of the Week. 

Victory and Rewards 

Credits and XP

The amount of Credits and XP earned from an Operation depends on the number of completed objectives and your battle performance. Average earnings per battle fall between the earning averages of Co-Op and Random battles.

Secondary Missions

Each Operation includes a main objective and five secondary objectives. You get a Star for every secondary objective completed, but only if you accomplish the main objective. 

You get a non-repeatable reward for every star you earn. To clarify:

  • If you earn two Stars in an Operation, you get two rewards. If you complete the Operation again and earn three Stars, you only get one reward for that third Star
  • If you complete the operation and earn all five Stars, you get five rewards. You don’t get additional rewards for completing this operation and earning five Stars again
  • You get no additional reward for completing the Operation again and earning the same number of Stars 

Full Objectives & Rewards

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  Have a certain amount of allied ships survive in operations. Only victorious battles are counted:

  • 20 ships survived;
  • 60 ships survived;
  • 120 ships survived




Destroy a certain amount of key ships and auxiliary ships in operations:

  • 25 key ships and auxiliary ships destroyed;
  • 75 key ships and auxiliary ships destroyed;
  • 150 key ships and auxiliary ships destroyed

Important Missions  

Special Orders 

Secret Instructions 

Complete a certain amount of tasks in operations:

  • Complete 150 secondary tasks.
  • Complete 450 secondary tasks.
  • Complete 900 secondary tasks.

Weather Beaten


Experienced One

Successfully complete a certain amount of operations:

  • Complete the main task in 50 operations.
  • Complete the main task in 125 operations.
  • Complete the main task in 250 operations.
Sea Star  Complete the operation and all secondary tasks, survive till the end of the battle, and cause damage exceeding 100% of your ship's HP.
Torpedoman  Hit enemy ships with 15 ship torpedoes in a single battle, and successfully complete the operation
Tactical Expertise  Successfully complete the operation by completing all secondary tasks. All players must survive
 Assistant Cause damage to at least half of the enemy ships and successfully complete the operation. Damage caused to each ship must amount to at least 10% of her normal HP
 Major Contribution Cause more than 50% of the damage dealt by your team and successfully complete the operation
Natural Selection  Destroy 4 ships of the same type as your ship, or 8 ships of any other type. Successfully complete the operation
 Universal Seaman Successfully complete an operation while playing with a ship of each type
 Will to Win Be the last one standing on your team, complete a secondary task, and successfully complete the operation

Secret achievements

Find names and conditions for these achievements yourselves by completing them