The Reign of Cesare Begins!

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Render Unto Cesare!

Bundles | The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Giulio Cesare, the first Italian battleship in World of Warships, arrives to establish her empire. Add this swift-sailing’ gunslinger to your Port and begin your reign! 

Swift Advance: Rocking solid speed and turning, Giulio Cesare is remarkably maneuverable for a battleship

Scout the EnemyGiulio Cesare is sneaky for her size, letting you get in shooting distance without being spotted

Devestating Flanker Giulio Cesare’s gun arcs are devastating when taking a broadsiding foe by surprise!  


Starts Oct. 20 at 04:20 PT (07:20 ET)
Ends Nov. 10  at 03:20 PT (06:20 ET)

Giulio Cesare Loaded
-14% Discount

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• Giulio Cesare + Port Slot
• Main Armaments Mod. 1
• Damage Control System Mod. 1 
• AA Gun Mod. 2
• 3 Days of Premium 
• 1,500 
• 1,500,000 

Giulio Cesare Ultimate
$49.99(Limit One)
-24% Discount

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• Giulio Cesare + Port Slot
• Main Armaments Mod. 1
• Damage Control System Mod. 1 
• AA Gun Mod. 2
7 Days of Premium 
• 5,000 
• 5,000,000 
Custom Flag

Giulio Cesare

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• Giulio Cesare + Port Slot

• You'll need to log into your Wargaming account before viewing the "Fully Loaded" and "Ultimate" bundles when they deploy in the Premium Shop.

• Bundled modifications do not come pre-mounted. You'll have to mount them yourself under "Upgrades" in the "Modules" tab of your Port. 

Giulio Cesare: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

The Good

  • Surface detectability can get as low as 11.4km with the right Commander Skills and camouflage.

  • Her gun arcs have tight vertical dispersion. Combine that with her speed and stealth to flank foes and deal devastating damage to their broadsides!

The Bad

  • With small caliber guns, you won’t be dealing much damage to angled foes

  • Poor HP and armor. That high concealment is what’s keeping her afloat!

The Ugly

  • Lousy AA makes her fine Italian cuisine for carriers! 

Reasons to Buy

  • You want to combine stealth with battleship gameplay

  • You need an Italian buddy for your Duca D’Aosta

Reasons Not to Buy

  • You want a battleship with better armor – Get Warspite

  • You want a faster battleship – Get Dunkerque