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Update 0.6.14 is here! Ask your questions about the Update in the comments. We’ll come back and update this article with answers! 

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0.6.13 Answers



Why does Defensive AA Fire affect 25mm guns on Japanese ships but not the same caliber on Soviet ships?

Wow, great spotting! This is a mistake and we plan on fixing it in a future update.

What happened to Team Battles?

Teams Battles evolved into Clan Battles. The Clan structure makes for better organization and battles. We wanted to increase the emphasis on teamwork and skill, and we feel we succeeded.

Our Clan only uses rental ships. It can be kind of awkward when there's a shift to the next rental phase, we still get matched with players of the same old ships throughout the Season. Is this by design?

Yep, working as intended – your opponents have those ships researched and acquired. That doesn’t give them any advantage over you beyond permanent camo. We don’t divide Clan Battle matchmaking into “rented” and “owned” categories.

Will we see more permanent camo that dramatically “reskins” the ship like the Halloween camo?

We had a lot of fun creating and releasing those camo patterns, and player feedback was overwhelmingly positive. It’s very likely we’ll do more in the future, but no news yet.

ProTips for Askers

Needless to say, we get lots of questions even outside of these Q&As. Here are some things to keep in mind when forming your question to make it stand out:

  • Keep your questions about Update 0.6.14
  • Be constructive, not confrontational (shocking fact: we actually don’t have a vendetta against certain classes, players, etc.)
  • If your question is about a feature request, it's better if it's about features that affect a wide range of players, not just your specific preference
  • Browse past Q&As to see if your question was already answered
  • We play specifics about future plans pretty close to the chest, so the “WHEN IS (FEATURE/SHIP) HAPPENING?” questions rarely get specific answers. 

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