Skillful Sailing - Kutuzov Joins the Armada

General News

If you're getting fired at, you're doing it wrong.

The tier VIII Russian cruiser, Mikhail Kutuzov, has arrived! Unlike other cruisers, she comes equipped with a Smoke Generator as well as a punishing array of anti-aircraft armament. Allies will sing your praises and enemies will curse your name if you play to her strengths!

Starts January 11 at 03:20 PT / 06:20 ET
Ends January 25 at 03:20 PT / 06:20 ET

Mikhail Kutuzov Bundle

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Mikhail Kutuzov
• Port Slot
• 1,000 Doubloons

Super Mikhail Kutuzov Bundle


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Mikhail Kutuzov
• Port Slot
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• 1,000 Doubloons
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Mikhail Kutuzov excels as a support vessel. Her crushing AA guns and torpedoes make her ideal for screening allies. Thanks to her speed, she's perfectly suited for switching fronts when needed.

  • 2x5 533mm torpedoes with 8km range
  • Top speed: 33 knots
  • Basically a porcupine when it comes to AA armament

There are some fantastic player-made Mikhail Kutuzov videos out there, like this one from BaronVonGamez

Quotes From Around the Office

• "...a massive torpedo spread with good range..." -- Jeffery F., Lead Gameplay Software Engineer

• "...OP maneuverability..." -- Sergiy G., Senior Software Engineer

• "...pops in to set everything on fire, then disappears into smoke screen."  -- Andrew W., Customer Support Representative

• "High rate of fire...with torpedoes for good measure. Certainly does not need a buff." -- Nicholas "The Chieftain" Moran, Military Specialist