WINNERS' UPDATE - Community Contest: Design a Patch

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NA Top 5 - Digital Creations
(See full images and entry list here)

1. Compassghost
2. Zproxy
3. Chobittsu
4. JackBauerArg
5. HyenaHiena

NA Top 5 - Hand-Drawn Creations
(See full images and entry list here)

1. C0l0nel_Mustard
2. Cyberwasp35
3. DmitriDaCablGuy11
4. Torpeditis
5. TimeTravelingChris

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Stay tuned to see how the Top 3 of each category will get into the game!

Start Construction on a New Batch of Patches!

 The Challenge | Prizes | Terms and Conditions | Requirements | How We Decide | Where to Enter [Open Feb. 28]

Update 0.7.0 introduced Distinctive Insignia, letting you personalize your account even further! 

Now you can show your creative side and design an original World of Warships Patch, which consists of a symbol and a background. For the purposes of this contest, you only need to design the symbol -- you don't need to include a background:

We want to add unique, eye-catching creations to add to the game, and we want you to help us! If you design the best Patches, you'll get some great rewards in addition to the fame and glory of your Patch in the game itself.

You'll be able to earn the top three patches through in-game missions later in the year.   

You can't submit your patch yet, but you can think about your design and start working on it. 

Submissions Window:
Feb. 28 at 13:00 PT (16:00 ET)
Ends Mar. 14 at 13:00 PT (16:00 ET)

The Challenge


  • Create a Patch (just the symbol, no background) by hand or using a graphics editor which corresponds with World of Warships visuals
  • Create a short title (just a few words are fine) for your creation
  • Publish your work in the contest thread on our forum (Link provided Feb. 28)
  • Save your source materials, to present to the World of Warships team if necessary
  • Before participating, please read the Terms and Conditions (and pay special attention to Section 10) 



The first three prizes include having your patch implemented into the game, along with ships and signals. If you don't make it into the top five, you'll automatically be entered into a lottery, with x20 Big Santa's Gift boxes up for grabs -- one per player.


Competition Terms and Conditions


  • This contest is global, meaning it takes place on the World of Warships servers simultaneously
  • Each participant can only submit one work for consideration. If a party provides several submissions, only the first one is considered
  • You can either send in "hand-drawn" or "digital" (Photoshop, MS Paint...) submissions
  • Submissions must be made exclusively for this contest at the time it is held
  • Those participating in the contest agree to the Terms and Conditions (Attn. Section 10) and forum rules
  • Contest results will be published March 28 -- keep a close eye on the website
  • Organizers reserve the right to adapt and change the winning works (both art and text) as they see fit
  • Organizers reserve a right to make decisions on every aspect of the contest



Requirements For Submissions


  • The work should consist of a symbol, short title, and description
  • Title and description should not contain any copyrighted names, nicknames or other text materials 
  • Recommended size for CGI art is 1024x1024 pixels or larger, in PNG or JPG format
  • Hand-drawn works should be photographed or scanned as clearly as possible
  • Your work should contain your nickname (separate from the art) -- adding signatures to hand-drawn submissions using graphics editors is forbidden
  • If the submission is hand-drawn, using a digital editor is only allowed to change the size of the art or to correct its color
  • Additional screenshots/pictures of the creation process (at least three) are required to confirm the participant's authorship (under a spoiler) -- the author's nickname should also be present on said screenshots/pictures
  • If the author wishes, they may combine their symbol with an existing background for demonstration purposes
  • If working with graphics editors, participants should save their source files in .psd format (by layers) if the work is done in a raster graphics editor or .eps, .ai if it is a vector editor. We may ask for those materials if needed
  • Submission should be presented in the contest forum topic 


Your Submission Must Contain


  • Author's nickname, desired nomination
  • Patch symbol with an authors nickname (separately), or hand-drawn or made in an editor
  • Patch title (two words maximum)
  • At least three screenshots/pictures depicting the creation process with author's nickname stamped on them


How We Decide The Winners

We'll judge your submissions on:

  • Complexity and quality of work
  • Originality
  • How well it matches World of Warships' visual style

We'll determine the winners and runner-ups in two stages: the first stage of an examination by Wargaming staff to narrow down entries, and the second stage by popular vote on the forums. 

Competition Timeline 

  1. Feb. 28 - Mar. 14: Submission window opens  
  2. Mar. 14 - 20: Wargaming staff vote 
  3. Mar. 21 - 25: Popular vote 
  4. Mar. 28 30: Winners announced, prizes credited 
  5. Winners are currently in the process of getting their rewards! 


Enter your design