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The time has come... as new enemies converge, it’s time to join forces in a new Scenario Season.

Sorry, What Are Those? 
Scenarios  is a game mode released earlier this year where captains team up and take on a variety of Operations. You need to be Account Level 8 to fight in Scenario Mode. Learn More.

Operation: Ultimate Frontier

Starts with Update 0.6.14

In the first Operation of Season 2, you and your fellow captains are tasked with protecting a group of Japanese scientists and engineers evacuated from the besieged Rouen Atoll. Squadrons of transport aircraft are tasked with evacuating all staff and their research. It’s up to you and your team to ensure the evacuation succeeds!

This Operation occurs in two stages:

Stage One: Flight of Fancy

The transport squadrons need to be escorted to the airdrome where the research team awaits extraction. The transport aircraft (marked by a new icon) arrive from three separate locations. Focus on keeping the skies clear for them to reach to the extraction point! However, a fleet of enemy AA-heavy cruisers is waiting to swat ‘em down, and they’re not alone -- they have an escort fleet of battleships, destroyers, and a cruiser, all standing between you and victory.

Stage Two: Extraction Action

Once eight or more transport aircraft arrive safely to the airdrome, the extraction begins! Defend the airdrome and surrounding structures from waves of enemy attacks until the timer for extraction completion counts down. A nearby repair base can help keep your ship afloat between waves. Fortunately, you’re not alone. Attack aircraft take off from the airdrome to attack an enemy ship in each wave.

Cleared the waves? Don’t relax; you can stage a counter-attack to cap off a successful Operation. Take out the remaining enemies, including an old friend from a previous Operation – the carrier Raptor


Primary Tasks

  • Stage OneEscort at least eight transport aircraft to the airdrome
  • Stage Two: Defend the airdrome

Secondary Tasks

Secondary Tasks are additional challenges to take on during the Operation for a higher Star ranking and rewards! Learn more about Scenario Rewards

  • Save at least 43 supply aircraft
  • Save at least two fort structures
  • Defend the repair base
  • Destroy the carrier Raptor
  • Sink two ships attacked by the airdrome attack squadrons

Additional Details

  • Usable with any tier VII ship (although Japanese ships fit best given the Operation's story)
  • Ship Type Restrictions: 1 , 3 , 4 , 3   


  • Most of your Division will appear in Zone A, but a couple will start in Zone B
  • Early on, enemy waves will attack from the east. Don't get too distracted! The majority of enemy forces throughout the Operation appear in the southwest area of the map
  • You won't see many enemy aircraft. Leave your uber-AA builds at home, captains! 
  • With that said, a carrier can, and should, use her fighter planes to gain vital intel 
  • Cruisers should be your priority targets, as they pose the greatest AA threat!


Similar to existing Operations, players receive experience and credits for battles. The more secondary tasks you complete, the higher your earnings will be.


Rewards are credited the same way as in other Operations—for completing the primary and secondary tasks (a maximum of five stars in one battle). One completed secondary task gets you one star. Rewards for a certain number of stars can be received only for the first completion of this operation. If you complete this operation with the same number of stars, you will not receive this reward again.


  • : 7 x Damage Control Party II consumable and 7 x India Bravo Terrathree signals
  • :7 x Repair Party II consumable; 7 x Defensive AA Fire II consumable; 7 x Smoke Generator II consumable 
  • :7 x Storm Wind camouflages
  • : 10,000 Free Experience and 17,000 Elite Experience
  • : 1 day of Premium Account time


Just like with other operations, a ship gets blocked for 30 minutes after a battle. It can be unblocked immediately for 75,000 credits or 20 Doubloons.

Stay tuned for more details on Season 2!