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USS Kidd is still taking the Premium Shop by storm! Some of you might still be undecided on buying her, or did and looking for tips. Rest easy; your fellow captains have you covered.

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History Corner
with Tim St. Arnold (Wargaming History Guy)

Kidd participated in most major battles in the Pacific Theater, earning an impressive eight battle stars. She bombarded coastal targets, protected amphibious landing vessels, chased away submarines, and shot down enemy aircraft. Though this came at a cost -- some 90 miles east of Okinawa, she and other U.S. craft met a determined attack by Japanese planes. One of the planes slammed into Kidd's boiler rooms, leading to 38 casualties. Kidd managed to return to port with a gaping hole in her side.

Early in her career, Kidd’s sailors painted a large figure of a swashbuckling pirate on her smokestack. Much to the crew’s disappointment, the painting was removed to make the ship less recognizable to Japanese spotters. However, Kidd’s painting was restored when docked for major repairs. Crew morale soared, and with repairs finally completed, they were eager to get back in the fight -- but World War II ended before Kidd saw any more action. She returned during the Korean War, bombarding enemy positions and attacking targets of opportunity. 

Community Commentary

nhf writes:
Kidd almost completely neutralizes the single biggest threat to higher-tier destroyers: carriers. That alone is worth allocating some Commander Skills to an anti-aircraft focus. Personally, I can deal with any ship in the game as a destroyer most of the time, but getting permanently spotted by a carrier plane shuts it all down. I'm a Kidd fan.” 

LittleWhiteMouse gives the lowdown on Modification choices:

  • In the first slot, take Magazine Modification 1 . She's a destroyer with a Repair Party. Your detonation chance is higher because she can take more hits than other destroyers
  • In the second slot, take AA Guns Modification 2 . This will bump up your AA range handsomely, and allow you to better assist allies when they’re under aircraft attack
  • In the third slot, take Propulsion Modification 1  to help keep your engines intact. It will help a little, and speed is life!
  • In the fourth slot, take Propulsion Modification 2 . You’ll find yourself parking in smoke on occasion, and this will give you a nice jump start
  • Finally, take Concealment System Modification 1  to make yourself sneakier

Edgecase gives an alternative take on Kidd’s strengths:

“People have made Kidd out to be some kind of AA monster with ignorable torpedoes, but that's quite far from the truth in my experience. While you can build for sheer AA trolling, you’re left with little to do if you pop into a battle with no carriers.

I've found that the real value of Kidd is her ability to stay relevant throughout battle with her Repair Party. Most other destroyers get whittled down over the course of a battle, and have to play very cautiously in the late game. This limits the fights you can pick, the risks you can take, and therefore the influence you can exert over the battlefield.

Kidd is different -- she can take enough risks to be impactful in the early stretch of the battle, continue contributing through the mid-point, and show back up at 80% HP to stomp the opposing destroyer in the final capture-point showdown. Understanding threat, spotting, pressure, and battle flow over time is critical to doing well in this ship.” 

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