Impurrtant Meowsage Incoming!

General News

Greetings, Sailors!

We're happy to announce the launch of new a global YouTube channel for you!

We want to communicate with our players more, run various activities, Q&A sessions, contests for players, etc. For these reasons, we decided to launch one united Global Channel -- a single YouTube destination for captains from all around the world. We hope you'll support our decision!

Even better news? If you're already subscribed to the World of Warships North America YouTube channel, you're already subscribed to the new World of Warships Official Channel

We want to create so much more for you, so don't forget to press "subscribe" and that "bell" button so you never miss one of our videos!

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In this video, you will be able to see the workflow of our video team behind the scenes, and meet one cute familiar face you probably remember from our arts and comics.