Premium Ship Spotlight: USS Indianapolis

General News

Stealthy Support!

USS Indianapolis is a situational mid-range sharpshooter similar to Pensacola. She's a Portland-class "treaty cruiser" built following the 1922 Washington Naval Treaty, equipped with an excellent armament and the ability to be set up as a fleet flagship with facilities for an Admiral and their staff. With great concealment and a powerful armor-piercing punch, this ship can stand off from the enemy at range or sneak up on enemies. Use her stealth to go where you're least expected and barrage the enemy team with a rain of shells.

In addition to the ship and her "Fully Loaded" bundles offered below, Indianapolis has a special mission to boost its XP earnings until June 13. Check it out!

Indianapolis Bundles

Starts May 30 at 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET
Ends June 13 at 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET

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Indianapolis + Port Slot

Indianapolis Loaded
$39.99 (Limit One)

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Indianapolis + Port Slot
Propulsion Modification 2
• 7 Days Premium Acct. Time

Indianapolis Fully Loaded
$44.99 (Limit One)

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Indianapolis + Port Slot
• Main Battery Modification 1
• Gun Fire Control System Modification 1
• Propulsion Modification 1
• Propulsion Modification 2
•  x25 Mike Yankee Soxisix
• x25 Victor Lima
x25 November Echo Setteseven
• x25 India X-Ray
• x25 Juliet Charlie
• 30 Days Premium Acct. Time

Indianapolis in a Nutshell


Armor-Piercing Excellence

Indianapolis's heavy guns may have a bit of hang time, but her shells hit hard. Speed and great stealth leave this cruiser able to surprise an enemy fleet, fire a salvo or two, and then vanish. Use your 16.9km range and respectable rate of fire to stand off and damage the enemy and minimize the danger to your own ship.

Objectives, Objectives, Objectives

As a cruiser, one of Indianapolis's early-game duties will be to hunt enemy destroyers and cruisers who over-extend. You don't want to stick around and brawl with better-armored adversaries, instead, use your guns from a middle distance. In the later stages of the battle, use the ship's 32 knots to secure and defend objectives. Stay mobile, use your stealth and be ready to react quickly to changes on the high seas!

Indianapolis Mission

Starts May 30 at 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET
Ends June 27 at 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET

Some Ships Want to Watch the World Burn

Earn 10 Ribbons per single PvE, PvP, or Team Battle.

• Repeatable
• Must use Indianapolis


• +50% Experience for the battle