Update Warships Turns Two - Get Anniversary Containers

General News

Birthday Bundles 

Pick up special Anniversary Containers in the Premium Shop! Each Container comes with an Anniversary Collection item, a set of Signal Flags and Camo!

Starts Sept. 14, 04:20 PT (07:20 ET)
Ends Sept. 28, 04:20 PT (07:20 ET)

2nd Anniversary Containers - x30

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• 21x 2nd Anniversary Containers
• 9x 2nd Anniversary Containers FREE

2nd Anniversary Containers - x14

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• 11x 2nd Anniversary Containers
• 3x 2nd Anniversary Containers FREE

2nd Anniversary Containers - x6

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• 5x 2nd Anniversary Containers
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2nd Anniversary Containers - x1

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1x 2nd Anniversary Container


The update happens September 13; preparation begins at 03:00 PT/ 06:00 ET until 04:30 PT/ 07:30 ET.

Updated 9/18: Completion of Anniversary Achievements and Collection Items, as well as Container sales have been extended to 9/28.

Updated 9/15: 

17:00 PT: If you've tried to complete Mission 3 in Großer Kurfürst from 04:20 PT - 14:00 PT, we'll credit your rewards tomorrow. If you haven't played Großer Kurfürst yet, the mission will now function for you. 

14:00 PT: We've resolved some issues with flag credits on Mission 1 at 14:00 PT, but have received reports about Mission 3 not working on Großer Kurfürst, but does work for all others. Hang in there, we're working on that too! 

Updated 9/14: Mission 3 End Date revised to 9/28.
Updated 9/13:
Mission 1 Start Date changed to 9/15, requirement updated to 2 battles in any tier I-IX ship rather than one. 


World of Warships turns two on September 17, and we’re lighting up the sky with virtual fireworks on the St. Petersburg Port, which of course represents the home of the Warships development team! 

Open our special Anniversary Containers when you earn one or when you pick one up after they go on sale September 14!

Pick up your presents and keep an eye out for special Easter eggs hidden throughout our maps. Read on for all the fun stuff we've packed into this update.


 Achievements & Collection I Saint Petersburg Decorations | Gifts | Other Changes 



Special Achievements, New Collection

Holiday achievements, items and presents are available from the release of Update until Update

We've created a set of achievements and a new collection based on the year's events, both the successful ones and the ones we needed to work on. Reflect on World of Warships' many changes: A new economy, "Operations" mode, the Royal Navy tech tree, the "The Hunt for Bismarck" Campaign, and more!

Reminisce about recent updates and earn hidden achievements in battle! You'll need to find and earn the achievements in different battle types, and by playing all types and tiers of ships. You'll get an item from the new collection with each achievement you earn dedicated to a certain event. Complete the collection by finding all the achievements!

You can only earn collection items by fulfilling holiday achievements or via special Anniversary Containers. You can earn an achievement several times per day, but you get a reward only for the first time it's earned. 

After you receive your first achievement (or your first World of Warships Anniversary Container), you'll get access to a WoWS anniversary-themed collection, with 16 items divided into four sub-collections based on various stages of project development during 2016 and 2017.


If you're missing a collection item, you can decide to exchange a set number of "Duplicate" items for a chosen item. The exchange rate of Duplicates to unique items for the Collection is 2:1. After completing the collection, all Duplicates remaining on your account are exchanged for Credits at the rate of one Duplicate = 15,000 Credits.

Earn a special permanent camo for completing each of the four sub-collections, and it's mountable on Kiev, Charles Martel, Z-23, and New Orleans. Complete the entire Anniversary Collection and you'll get an achievement, a flag and a permanent camo for HMS Monarch.

This camo is identical for all the ships and offers:

  • + 50% to the Commander XP 
  • +50% to Free XP 
  • -3% to detectability
  • +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by an enemy attacking your ship



Don't worry; we didn't forget your Anniversary presents:

Holiday achievements, items and presents are available from the release of Update until Update

Start and End times of all missions is 04:20 PT (07:20 ET) 

From September 15-28

Mission 1

Play at least two battles on any tier I-IX ship in your Port! 


All players with 1,000+ battles in World of Warships get:

  • 10x WoWS Anniversary consumable camos 
  • 10x of each special Signal Flags: Blue Dragon, Wyvern, Red Dragon, Ouroboros, Hydra
    - (Earned for every 1,000 battles played, for a maximum of up to 150 signals)


From September 15-18

Mission 2

Win one Random, Co-op or Scenario battle in any ship tier IV+


  • 1 Day of Premium Account
  • 25x WoWS Anniversary consumable camos

From September 15-28

Mission 3

Play one battle with a Tier X ship


  • 1x Supercontainer

You can earn a Supercontainer once per ship, with the possibility of earning a reward on each tier X ship you have.


Other Changes

  • Fixed occasional inability to sell Bellerophon, Orion, and Iron Duke after Update 0.6.10
  • Developers, supertesters, special contributors and other players who currently own the ship test two versions of Premium German tier VIII Carrier Graf Zeppelin 
  • You'll enter the St. Petersburg Port by default when you log in
  • Changed appearance of "Black Rock" Commemorative Flag