Earn Consumables, Razer Gear, or a Premium Kamikaze Ship - Join Project R!

General News

Join Project R to unlock boatloads of incredible prizing!


Project R is all about "R"estoring and unlocking the tier V Kamikaze R destroyer. This community driven event, running now through February 14, brings prizing and in-game bonuses. The more participation, the more you'll earn! If we reach the Kamikaze R milestone, those who collect 150+ Pearls are eligible to win one of 1,000 free tier V Premium Kamikaze R destroyers. Visit the Project R page for more information.

We've expanded the rewards! Collect 260 Pearls to earn a free Premium Kamikaze R destroyer at the end of the Project R event!

Joining Project R is free. Simply click the "Join" button on the Project R home page to become eligible for all current Missions!

Please note that you must be signed in to the World of Warships website to join Project R. You must join Project R to activate Missions and collect rewards.

If you have any questions or trouble with Project R, please visit the FAQ.

Kamikaze R is a tier V Japanese destroyer -- comparable to Minekaze or Fūjin. She boasts a high speed and powerful torpedo armament. Be on the lookout for a full set of details once she's restored!

About Project R

Earning Pearls

You'll earn Pearls by completing various Missions and Personal Goals for Project R. Your earned Pearls are automatically added to the community milestone total. A progress bar is available on Project R homepage. The more missions that you complete, the more Pearls are contributed, the closer we all get to completing Project R!

Missions, Milestones & Personal Goals

As more Pearls are added to the community total, various bonuses will become active. What bonuses? Experience boosts, free Premium time, access to better Treasure Chests, and more. Completing the final milestone will add Kamikaze R to the Premium Shop.

Treasure Chests

You'll spend your Pearls to unlock treasure chests. More treasure chests will become available to unlock each week. Inside you'll find a randomized assortment of in-game items, including Signal Flags, Camouflage, and other consumables.

Special Treasure Chests

Special treasure boxes will be available to unlock when certain milestones are reached. These chests have a randomized chance of netting you some incredible high-value goodies, including Razer Kraken Mobile headsets and Razer Surround Pro software!