Public Test 0.7.5 - PART 2

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Public Test 0.7.5

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Round 2 Rewards

  • Get three of every regular* signal flag on the live server for playing one Random or Co-op battles on the Public Test server

  • Get 10 "Type 6" camo on the live server for playing three Random or Co-op battles on the Public Test server

*All signal flags except Dragon, Red Dragon, Hydra, Wyvern, and Ouroboros flags.

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Round 1 Rewards

  • Get three of every regular* signal flag on the live server for playing one Random or Co-op battles on the Public Test server

  • Get 10 "Type 6" camo on the live server for playing three Random or Co-op battles on the Public Test server

*All signal flags except Dragon, Red Dragon, Hydra, Wyvern, and Ouroboros flags.

Rewards (Across Both Stages)

  • Get 1 Premium Day on the live server for completing the American Cruiser Collection on the Public Test server
  • Get five of each Draconic* signal flags on the live server for completing the "Hit Hard! Hit Fast! Hit Often" Campaign on the Public Test server
*Dragon, Red Dragon, Hydra, Wyvern, and Ouroboros flags are Draconic signal flags

Warning: You must register your Public Test account with the same email address as your live account to collect your rewards. No exceptions.

You get rewards as codes via email when the update officially hits.

Public Test Rewards are typically enabled the first Friday or weekend after any update. You can expect to see an email after they're issued, or check the reward site. 

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Do I Have to Start from Nothing?

Nope! Your Public Test account has:

  • Tier VI+ ships manned by Commanders with 15 Skill points,
  • Reduced XP research requirements for ships tier VI-X, and module prices drastically reduced for all ships
  • Account Level 15 on first login
  • Premium time for duration of test
  • 30,000 to spend on Commander Skills, Premium consumables, or anything else you'd like
  • 500,000,000
  • 10 of each regular signal flag
  • Discounted Commander respecs: 1 Doubloon = 1 Skill point.

Please note that resources and progress from previous Public Tests will be wiped. 

For leaving feedback, visit the Public Test forum.

This information is tentative and reflects the state of game development at the time of publication. Changes and new features may be removed entirely or implemented differently by the time the update goes live. Screenshots, specific values of certain characteristics, and details of in-game mechanics will not necessarily be relevant after the update is released.

US Cruisers | American Cruiser Collection | "Hit Hard! hit Fast! Hit Often!" Campaign | Battle UI | Audio Improvements | Other Tweaks

US Cruisers 

The US tech tree's cruiser branch is in for a serious reshuffle! Starting at Tier VI, the US cruiser line splits into heavy and light cruisers. 

Update 0.7.5 will realign the tech tree of U.S. heavy cruisers, sending Here is the ship : usa : Cleveland  to Tier VIII of the light cruiser line. Try out the new ships and find out more about the rules of replacement during the Public Test. The first round will involve the original tech tree of U.S. cruisers while the second round will see the heavy ships replaced and moved.

Changes start at Tier VI where the traditionally expected Here is the ship : usa : Cleveland  will be replaced with Here is the ship : usa : Pensacola  followed by Here is the ship : usa : New Orleans and Here is the ship : usa : Baltimore . A new ship—Here is the ship : usa : Buffalo —takes her place at Tier IX. The ship carries twelve 203mm guns with super heavy AP rounds, perfectly embodying the notion of a heavy cruiser in the game. Excellent damage from a full broadside, a decent pool of hit points, and a 27mm plating to protect the ship's fore and aft ends. Add to it a vast selection of consumables, and the ship stands out as a formidable adversary in medium-range encounters with other cruisers and destroyers.

The parameters of ships shifted down the tech tree were readjusted accordingly, but their overall performance at their "new" tiers may turn out to be even better than that of their predecessors. Here is the ship : usa : Des Moines  will continue to hold the reins at Tier X of the heavy line with a lightning-fast main gun reload and outstanding AA defenses.

Good ol' Here is the ship : usa : Cleveland  is taken two tiers up to her new place in the split line of light cruisers. We've improved the ship's parameters by giving her a faster main guns reload time and a higher turret traverse speed, more HP and an option to equip "Hydroacoustic Search", "Surveillance Radar" and "Defensive AA Fire" at the same time. In Update 0.7.5, Here is the ship : usa : Cleveland will be the only representative of the line of U.S. light cruisers. The other ships will join the fleet very soon.

American Cruisers Collection

Update 0.7.5 also brings a new permanent Collection! It's all about US cruisers and the US Navy in general. The collection will consist of 48 items divided into eight thematic subcollections. By completing those subcollections, players will be able to change the color patterns of standard camouflages applied to U.S. ships and mount a second flag. Collectible items will come in "American" containers that will be delivered to you for completing dedicated combat missions.

Once the Update goes live, American containers will give you a chance to get combat missions which, once completed, will land Premium ships like Here is the ship : usa : Sims,  Here is the ship : usa : Monaghan , Here is the ship : usa : Atlanta Here is the ship : usa : Kidd  and the revamped, researchable Here is the ship : usa : Cleveland  right in your Port! Collectible items may also come in daily containers after you've obtained your first collectible item. 

Subcollections and Their Unlockables



Cruisers, 1900s–1930s

An ability to fly a second flag aboard U.S. cruisers.

Cruisers, 1940s

An ability to fly a second flag aboard U.S. battleships.

Main Battery

An ability to fly a second flag aboard U.S. aircraft carriers.

Anti-Aircraft Guns

An ability to fly a second flag aboard U.S. destroyers.

Highest Awards

An additional paint scheme for the standard camouflages of U.S. cruisers

Orders and Medals

An additional paint scheme for the standard camouflages of U.S. battleships.

Combat Ratings

An additional paint scheme for the standard camouflages of U.S. aircraft carriers.

Other Ratings

An additional paint scheme for the standard camouflages of U.S. destroyers.


By completing the entire collection, you get a unique camouflage for cruiser Here is the ship : usa : Cleveland  and a commemorative flag! 

"Hit Hard! Hit Fast! Hit Often!" Campaign

The new Collection arrives with a new permanent Campaign! Its name derives from a favorite saying of Fleet Admiral William Halsey, the renowned US Navy Admiral this Campaign is dedicated to. You can recruit him as a Unique Commander by completing the final task of the fifth mission! During the Public Test, you can put Halsey's skills to the test after completing the final task of the third mission.

You'll have a whole range of tasks with a variety of conditions available for you, including those that can be completed in Clan and Ranked Battles. Successful progression through the tasks will bring you many useful rewards, including an expendable "American" camo and supercontainers! Just like in our other campaigns, stars will be issued for every completion of a given task while rewards will only be issued once.

To join the campaign, you need to reach at least Level 12 in your Service Record and have ships of Tier VIII or above in the Port. Certain tasks will require ships of a certain type and nation. Keep an eye out for more information soon! 

Complete the final task of the second mission during the Public Test to get Yamamoto Isoroku, a unique Commander that will obtain the "Expert Marksman" and "Preventive Maintenance" enhanced skills with the release of Update 0.7.5 in addition to the talents he already has.

Please note that the Public Test version of the Collection and Campaign are noticeably easier than their final, live server counterparts.  Also, conditions of various tasks and rewards for completing them may differ substantially.

Battle UI

In the previous Update, we added ribbons for aerial bombs. This time, we're adding a "Spotted" ribbon. The new ribbon will be issued when you spot a ship that is spotted for the first time or gets spotted again after remaining undetected for at least 90 seconds of battle time.


In response to numerous requests from players, a ship's direction vector will now be displayed in the game. Now, once you are locked on a target enemy ship, the Minimap will clearly show the direction of that ship's movement. By aligning your own vector and that of an enemy ship, you'll be able to fire more effectively.

Audio Improvements

Work never stops to further enhance the in-game audio. This time, we're adding additional sounds to ports. In many ports like Hamburg or Marseille we've added sound effects for planes flying across the sky and ships passing by. In the Black Sea port, we added sound effects for activities on the square. In the Philippines port, church sounds can be heard. These sounds will be available for "High" and "Ultra" audio presets when the "Play music in port" setting is off.  All details about the forthcoming new audio features will be available in the full list of changes that will be released with the Update. Even on the Polar map, the aircraft flying up in the sky will have a new set of sound effects.

Don't have a powerful PC configuration? Here is good news for you! The "Low" audio setting has been further optimized to release even more resources. With this option selected, ship engines will be silenced and ambient sounds will be turned off. The maximum effect will be achieved for PC configurations running a 32-bit operating system with limited RAM resources.

Other Improvements and Fixes

We've rolled out a minor update to the Unsportsmanlike Conduct Prevention System. Now, when a player's torpedoes hit an allied ship, mirror damage will be inflicted on that player only after receiving an allied damage warning. Immediate infliction of mirror damage for torpedo hits occasionally resulted in situations when a team lost two players at a time, which apparently didn't add to that team's chances for victory.

Smoke screens will now be visible from all distances regardless of graphics settings or hardware configuration. Previously, the rendering sequence applied to smoke screens could be broken, making any deployed smoke invisible in the binoculars view.

  • Improved Unsportsmanlike Conduct Prevention System: now the player's ship will only receive mirror damage after that player has been warned (transition from normal to team killer status). This should reduce the number of situations when randomly released torpedoes or main battery salvos led to destruction of two ships in the same team instead of one, significantly reducing the team's chances of winning. Mechanics apply to all types of damage.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes led to accuracy bonus not being applied after the target was focused on
  • The order of consumables of the cruiser Cleveland is changed: Damage Control Party, Defensive AA Fire, Surveillance Radar / Spotting Aircraft, Hydroacoustic Search
  • Fixed an issue that caused ship names to be unreadable in alternative UI modes when using hieroglyphic localization (for example, Japanese or Chinese)
  • The tech tree of the American cruisers was changed and cruiser Buffalo was added to tier IX.
  • Small changes in the appearance of football patches
  • Fixed an issue that in some cases the game client did not start after changing the game settings