Public Test 0.6.13

General News

Public Test 0.6.13

Starts October 26 at 09:30 PT (12:30 ET)
Ends October 30 at 06:00 PT (09:00 ET)

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Participating in a Public Test scores you some loot!


Get three of every regular (no specials) Signal Flag on the live server for playing one Random or Cooperative battle on the Public Test server.

Get ten Type "6" camouflage patterns (+100% XP per battle) on the live server for winning five Random or Cooperative battles on the Public Test server.

 Get one day of Premium time on the live server for winning two battles in HMS Minotaur on the Public Test server.


Get three of each special Signal Flag on the live server for dealing 15,000 fire damage to enemy destroyers and cruisers on the Public Test server.

(Dragon, Wyvern, Red Dragon, Ouroboros, Hydra) 


Warning: You must register your Public Test account with the same email address as your live account to collect your rewards. No exceptions.

You get rewards as codes via email when the update officially hits.

Public Test Rewards are typically enabled the first Friday or weekend after any update. You can expect to see an email after they're issued, or check the reward site. 

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Do I Have to Start from Nothing?

Nope! Your Public Test account has:

  • Tier III ships manned by Commanders with 15 Skill points,
  • Reduced XP research requirements for ships tier III-X, and module prices drastically reduced for all ships
  • Account Level 15 on first login
  • Premium time for duration of test
  • 30,000 Doubloons to spend on Commander Skills, Premium consumables, or anything else you'd like
  • 500,000,000 Credits
  • 10 of each Signal Flag (Except Special Signal Flags) 
  • Discounted Commander respecs: 1 Doubloon = 1 Skill point.

Please note that resources and progress from previous Public Tests will be wiped. 

For leaving feedback, visit the 0.6.13 Public Test forum.

This update may be a bit smaller than before, but most of the improvements here came from player suggestions. Keep up the feedback; we're listening!

Changes in AA Defense Mechanics

Now your detectability range is always equal to the maximum range of your ship’s AA guns when they fire at enemies

The detectability range algorithm when your ship fires her AA guns is similar to her detectability mechanics when firing her main guns, but is only applicable to your detectability by air.

This approach should eliminate situations when ships with low detectability range by air can remain undetected while firing at enemy aircraft.


Extinguish Fires Faster

Catch fire (or don’t) while testing a major balance change: We’re reducing the time it takes to extinguish a fire on cruisers and destroyers -- now, extinguishing one source of fire takes 30 seconds at most. 

It gets better! This time can be further dropped to 17.3s with the “Damage Control System Modification 2” upgrade, the “Basics of Survivability” Commander Skill (mastered) and an “India Yankee” Signal Flag!

Hopefully this reduced extinguish time will help new players improve their battle performance, encourage using consumables efficiently, and reduce excessive disparity between the “Damage Control Party I” and “Damage Control Party II” consumables.


Smoke Changes to British Cruisers 

We increased the active time of the smoke generator on British cruisers from 7 to 15 seconds. This change should help you use to use your smokescreen consumable in a more efficient way and hide British cruisers deploying a smokescreen when you activate the consumable at high speed.


Other Balance Corrections

We’ve changed some ship stats to make them easier to play.

German tier V destroyer T-22 (stock config)

  • Standard firing range is 9.1km, detectability range by air is 2.96km, and detectability range by sea is 6.52km


Soviet tier V destroyer Podvoisky

  • Reduced main battery reload time from 9.2 seconds to 8.1s


Soviet tier V cruiser Kirov

  • Reduced main battery reload time from 15 seconds to 13.5s
  • Increased the shell velocity was increased from 800m/s to 920m/s

Improved effectiveness of “Defensive Fire” consumable for all US and Soviet destroyers. Now this consumable makes the AA gun aura 4 times more efficient when activated, making it more viable compared with other consumables you can mount in the same slot. Try it out! 



New visual tips on the battle loading screens correspond to the type of ship you selected, her armament and your account level. 

Look for information about the roles and goals of the selected ship type, ship control basics, ship maneuvers, the difference between HE and AP shells, and so on.

We also changed the tech tree’s appearance, improving its look and information. A white frame now surrounds all the ships you’ve purchased, while the XP and Credits required to get ships you don’t have appear on the ship’s icon.


Try the improved AA mechanics and other balance changes, grab the rewards and share your impressions with us!