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Update 0.6.13 is here! Ask your questions about the Update in the comments. We’ll come back and update this article with answers! 

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0.6.12 Answers



Any plans for high-tier Operations? 

 Yes! We’re working on a new Operation for tier VIII. We don’t have any plans for tier IX or X Operations, but we’ll consider them in the future.

 Why is Shimakaze the first rental destroyer for Clan Battles? Every cruiser will be using Hydroacoustic Search and there’s only one battleship per team.

The main goals of any destroyer in Clan Battles are scouting and capturing points. Shimakaze has low visibility (even without camo), so she scouts well. She also captures points well, even if it’s slightly more difficult than with Z-52. 


As for Hydroacoustic Search, it doesn’t help much when you’ve spotted 10-15 torpedoes headed your way and must choose between taking the hit or turning away. Even dodged torpedoes can deny an enemy’s advance and force them to reposition.


Shimakaze is also the most common destroyer at tier X, so we wanted her to be the first tier X destroyer for everyone to sample. 

Would you consider allowing “mercenaries” in Clan Battles?  

 Having mercenaries would turn Clan Battles into a completely different mode. We're going to finish the first season, analyze the results, make tweaks, and then consider major changes like that. 

It’s an interesting idea, though. 

 What’s the benefit of using deep water torpedoes over regular ones?

 They hit all classes except destroyers. The trade-off is that they’re less detectible, and therefore harder to dodge. 

 Can Halloween skins also re-skin the captain? I’d love to have Mina Hurray instead of my regular Kagero captain.

 We didn’t plan anything like that, but we like the idea. Let’s see what happens in the future. :)

 Why can’t Scenario rewards be repeatable? 

 We’re considering additional rewards for players who five-star an Operation. Currently, we can’t say what those rewards will be or when we’ll implement them. 

 Can you add a Clan role that allows the orchestration of Clan Battles without any other permissions?

 We are going to add this, but not in the near future, unfortunately. 

 Radar and Hydroacoustic Search can pass through islands – is this a deliberate design choice or game engine limitations?

Both consumables work as intended and we have no plans to change them. We get where you’re coming from, but changing those mechanics would make the game more difficult to understand for players. 

ProTips for Askers

Needless to say, we get lots of questions even outside of these Q&As. Here are some things to keep in mind when forming your question to make it stand out:

  • Keep your questions about Update 0.6.13
  • Be constructive, not confrontational (shocking fact: we actually don’t have a vendetta against certain classes, players, etc.)
  • If your question is about a feature request, it's better if it's about features that affect a wide range of players, not just your specific preference
  • Browse past Q&As to see if your question was already answered
  • We play specifics about future plans pretty close to the chest, so the “WHEN IS (FEATURE/SHIP) HAPPENING?” questions rarely get specific answers. 

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