Jolly Roger Returns - Ranked Battles Season 3

General News

Miss out on last season's pirate flag? Achieve Rank 1 to join the club!

Avast, Captains! Season 3 of Ranked Battles is on the horizon. With it comes a tidal wave of rewards. These prizes are among the most precious commodities in World of Warships (especially Signal Flags). Haul them in hand over fist!

• Signal Flags
• Camouflage
• Commemorative Flags
• Credits
• Premium account time
• Bragging rights

Ranked Battles Season 3 Starts January 6
Ranked Battles Season 3 Ends February 16

Rank Details

You'll be matched with other players based on your Rank. Ranks are divided into three levels. This is designed to provide a more level playing field and a smoother matchmaking experience.

Bronze (Ranks 22 - 16)

  • Tiers V - VI

Silver (Ranks 15 - 11)

  • Tiers VII - VIII

Gold (Ranks 10 - 1)

  • Tiers VII - VIII


You can preview all the rewards by checking the "Profile" tab in your Port. Simply select the desired rank and hover your cursor over the cargo container. Below is breakdown of the most coveted items:

Flag Earned at Rank 15

Flag Earned at Rank 10

Flag Earned at Rank 5

Flag and Prizing Earned at Rank 1

• x50 "Mike Yankee Soxisix" Signal Flags
• x50 "Juliet Charlie" Signal Flags
• x25 "India Delta" Signal Flags
• x50 "Sierra Mike" Signal Flags
• x25 "India Yankee" Signal Flags
• x25 "Juliet Yankee Bissotwo" Signal Flags
• x100 Type 3 Camouflage
• 10,000,000 Credits

Season 3's commemorative flag comes to us from the US state of Hawaii!

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