Ranked Battles Round-Up

General News

Ranked Battles Season 4 wrapped up last month after a grueling six weeks of competitive battling and climbing the ranks to earn great prizes! 

Season 4 Rewards

  • The Premium USS Flint was given to players who reached Rank 1 in three separate seasons

  • Players who reached Rank 1 in two separate seasons earned the "Jolly Roger II" Flag, while players who reached Rank 1 in one season earned the "Jolly Roger I" Flag

  • Commemorative Flags were given to everyone who reached Rank 15

  • Tons of in-game goods were given for reaching each Rank for the first time!

Season 4 Fun Facts

  • The North American region had 48,000 participants 
  • Nearly 4,000 players reached Rank 1
  • The most common ranks by the end of the season were 18, 15 and 10
  • Globally, over 310,000 ranked battles were played

Watch the horizon for Ranked Battles Season 5, coming soon!