The Deutschland Raider Arrives!

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The Cruiser Hunter of the Kriegsmarine Arrives!

First, Tirpitz claimed a spot on the seas, and now the Premium battleship Scharnhorst is coming to dominate for Germany! Scharnhorst was frequently sortied with her sister ship Gneisenau to attack allied fleets and convoys while being hunted by the Royal Navy.


  • Scharnhorst is the second German battleship in game, and like her sister Tirpitz, she has torpedoes to surprise those pesky destroyers
  • Speedy for a battleship with a phenomenal rate of fire -- perfectly suited to wiping out cruiser formations
  • Combines armor and speed for a hard-hitting, go-anywhere package

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Starts August 15 at 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET
Ends August 29 at 04:20 PT / 04:20 ET

You'll need to log into your Wargaming account before viewing the "Scharnhorst Fully Loaded" and "Scharnhorst Deluxe" bundles in the Premium Shop.


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• Scharnhorst + Port Slot

Scharnhorst Fully Loaded
$47.99 (Limit One)
-19% Discount

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• Scharnhorst + Port Slot
• Main Armaments Modification 1
• Aiming Modifications 1
• Steering Gear Mod II 
• Propulsion Mod 1
• 30 Days of Premium

Scharnhorst Deluxe
$89.99 (Limit One)
-11% Discount

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• Scharnhorst + Port Slot
• Main Armaments Modification 1
• Aiming Modifications 1
• Propulsion Mod 1
• Steering Gear Mod II 
• 30 Days of Premium
• 100x Damage Control Party ll
• 100x Repair Party ll
• 100x Spotting Aircraft II
• 5,000 Doubloons
• Custom Flag

Scharnhorst: Fast Facts

A Nightmare for Cruisers

A lethal combo of reload times, turret speeds and armor allow Scharnhorst  to hunt down enemy cruisers.

Unleash an Onslaught above and below Water

Like Tirptitz, Scharnhorst can launch a spread of torpedoes. Be sure to use them in conjunction with your main guns for devastating effects!


The Scharnhorst has the armor of a battleship paired with cruiser mobility and firepower, letting her relentlessly bombard larger opponents and overwelm smaller ones.