Santas (Still) Wanted!

General News

Thanks for Joining the Holiday Magic!

Begins December 21 6:00 PST / 9:00 EST
Ends January 10 2:00 PST  / 5:00 EST January 18 14:00 PST / 17:00 EST

Santa may travel the world handing out toys to kids, but he has something different in mind for warship captains!

For a limited time, Santa's ship is in port and selling a bit of holiday magic -- and by "holiday magic," we mean mysterious, wrapped boxes stuffed with camo, flags, consumables, and even an occasional ship! How does it all fit? That's the magical part!

Want to join Santa?  Check out "Santas Wanted"!  You can send packages to in-game friends or grab some for yourself! 

The Goods

All that stuff about Santa is great, but what's in those boxes, anyway?! 

No matter what you get, the guaranteed value of each box's contents is equal to, or more than, what you paid! 

Boxes cannot be refunded after opening. 

Box Price You Get ONE Of These!
(Some Items are Rarer!)


Commander's Present

 $1.00 USD


Captain's Present

 $3.00 USD


Admiral's Present

 $5.00 USD


On top of that, all boxes have a slim chance of popping out an extra rare prize, such as...