Which of Your Ideas Made it to the Game?

General News

Every news post, update or game event brings passionate feedback on World of Warships from across the internet. It may sometimes feel as though you’re shouting into a void, but we scour our comments, social media and forums for ideas. When we find constructive suggestions, we forward them to the development team, who considers making them real in the game.

How Can I Contribute Constructively? 

A good idea can be as long as USS Midway or as short as a sentence, like: "Hey, have you considered making a port where the ship is in a drydock?" Ideally, it should shed light on a way to improve everyone's gameplay experience without changing core mechanics.

What's an example of a constructive suggestion? 

  • "Can you put a tiny Oscar/Unsinkable Sam on the deck of Bismarck?" 
  • "Could we get the vintage 1945/1964 camo paint for USS Missouri? Here are some examples!" 

What's an example of a nonconstructive suggestion? 

  • "Make battleships 'better' because I like to play them."
  • "I don't like getting blown up. Make my ship have thicker armor all around"

In short, be like Fish and make your voices heard. 

Got ideas of your own or just want to talk ship with fellow captains? Here’s how to join us!

Want to send feedback directly to Pigeon_of_War, an NA Assistant Producer? Land in the Pigeon's Nest! 

Pigeon's Nest

Here’s just some of the suggestions from NA players we’ve included in World of Warships since September 2015:

  • Your camo now demounts and stores in inventory when you sell ships
  • Added better Commander sorting in Reserve
  • Loading and Battle screens have more space to show longer player names
  • Mouse Y-axis Inversion available in "Settings" 
  • Option to display ship names in minimap
  • Implementation of a Drydock Port