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Go aboard USS Texas with Trevzor in a very special episode of Talkin’ Ship!

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Our initiative to help preserve USS Texas started this month, and you helped us raise $130,000 in Texas bundle sales so far. We’re blown away by your support, but Texas is a big ship that needs a lot of help. The current Texas bundles end December 1, so we’re asking you to dig deep. Who knows? You may be able to take home an even bigger battleship!

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If you buy any of the bundles supporting Texas from November 1, 03:20 PT (06:20 ET) through December 1, 03:20 PT (06:20 ET), you'll be entered to win a total of one of 30 sets of USS Alabama + Port slot in a random drawing on December 5. 

Solid armor, big guns and a tight turning radius make this Premium tier VIII  battleship the belle of the brawl! 

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 December 1, 03:20 PT (06:20 ET) 


The Lone Star

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Project VALOR "Giving Thanks" Flag

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•  Project VALOR "Giving Thanks" Flag 

Lone Star Texas Camo

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Lone Star Mission (Once Per Account)

Ends December 31, 03:20 PT (06:20 ET)

After purchasing the "Save Texas" Bundle, play 20 random battles in USS Texas.
Battle Type: Random
Ship Tier and Class Restrictions: Tier V  USS Texas
Reward (Once Per Account)
• 20x Damage Control Party II
• 20x Repair Party II

You may also make a direct donation via the Battleship Texas fundraising page!

Life Aboard Texas

After World War I, battleships like USS Texas and her sisters secured pride of place in the world’s navies, and each battleship required thousands of sailors to crew and maintain them. The crew’s lives were broken up into long stretches of routine punctuated by rapid responses to alerts, all while living and working close together aboard Texas.

A sailor’s experience aboard Texas depended on when they joined the Navy. If they joined right after World War I, Texas was still using coal-burning engines, and they had to clean everything, constantly, in addition to training and building their skills.

Though bunking on Texas was more spacious than cruisers or destroyers, space was still at a premium, and sailors had to find ways to socialize, relax, and sleep next to loud machinery.

In 1919, they got a real treat -- Texas was the first US battleship to launch an aircraft from one of her turrets, and a 1925 modernization added a slew of new equipment and new jobs to operate it. Many of the battleship’s secondary guns relocated and received casemates for better crew protection. The modernization also left Texas with a larger number of anti-aircraft guns, plus new fire control and communications equipment. Her crew not only received training on the cutting edge of naval technology, but was also able to see movies early! 

Texas became a flagship, and her crew needed to handle fleet communications and normal ship-to-ship messages. Admiralty presence and VIP guests like President Calvin Coolidge in 1928 created new challenges for the crew; they needed to provide security for the President while keeping the ship in top condition for the Admiralty and staff. 

As World War II loomed, shipboard routine underwent a drastic change -- instead of perpetual maintenance and training, Texas prepared for war. Although the US was neutral when the war began, the navy engaged in neutrality patrols, which meant a higher state of constant vigilance, as they were always on the verge of war. 

When the US entered the war, Texas deployed in earnest and her crew’s lives changed again. During a “general quarters” alert, they had to man their stations for hours on end, sleeping at their posts in shifts. It was leagues away from guarding presidents or making the ship spotless for Admirals. 

The Normandy invasion put the Texas crew to the test as fire control teams worked relentlessly to coordinate main battery strikes. German guns answered, striking Texas twice as her crew jumped into action, working quickly to contain the damage. While Texas pulled back for quick repairs, she returned to the fray with a fighting spirit, ready to continue her mission bombarding positions in southern France before assisting with the landings on Iwo Jima and Okinawa in the Pacific. 

Brave to the end, the crew of Texas fought their ship with courage on two fronts and made sure she was successful in theatres of war.

Help us keep this this remarkable vessel around for future generations. 

Kansas native Tim St. Arnold studied History at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, with minors in Anthropology and Political Science. At Wargaming, he's able to put his passions for military history and gaming to work as a researcher. Look for him on the seas of World of Warships as WG_Admiralty! 

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