Dasha Presents Update 0.6.13

General News

0.6.13 Update Notes

The update happens November 8; preparation begins at 02:00 PT/ 05:00 ET until 04:00 PT/ 07:00 ET.

We've seen some questions about mods -- please note that any mods previously installed may cause compatibility issues with any update. If you have mods and have difficulty playing, try launching the normal game in "Safe Mode" using the drop-down arrow next to the "Play" button, then uninstall or otherwise remove the mods. 

If you're still having trouble, contact Support. If you're on a mobile device, you can message them on Twitter.

Update notes are subject to change!

This update may be a bit smaller than before, but most of the improvements came from player suggestions. Keep up the feedback; we're listening! 

Sound Mod Improvements | Graphics | Balance Corrections | Other Ship Changes | Improvements | New Content | Sound Mod Improvements 


  • Your ship's aircraft and torpedoes in tubes get new looks in Port with special Halloween camos
  • Improved all tier V-VI ships with better rendering of thin elements like rigging 
  • Improved lighting of island surfaces 

Minor changes to the geometry and textures of Bellerophon, Furutaka, Giulio Cesare, Iron Duke, King George V, Langley, Lexington, Nassau, Nelson, New York, Orion, Queen Elizabeth, St. Louis, Warspite


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Balance Corrections

The detectability range algorithm when your ship fires her AA guns is similar to her detectability mechanics when firing her main guns, but is only applicable to your detectability by air.

This approach should eliminate situations when ships with low detectability range by air can remain undetected while firing at enemy aircraft.

Extinguish Fires Faster

Catch on fire (or don’t!) with this new balance change: we’re reducing the time it takes to extinguish fires on cruisers and destroyers. Extinguishing one source of fire takes 30 seconds at most instead of the 60 seconds it was. Graf Spee’s value is 45 seconds, the only exception.

Hopefully this reduced time will help new players improve their battle performance at low tiers, encourage using consumables efficiently, and reduce excessive disparity between the “Damage Control Party I” and “Damage Control Party II” consumables.


Smoke Changes to British Cruisers 

We increased the active time of the smoke generator on British cruisers from 7 to 15 seconds. This change should help you to use your smokescreen consumable in a more efficient way and hide British cruisers deploying a smokescreen when you activate the consumable at high speed, before you slow down significantly.


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Other Ship Changes 

We improved the effectiveness of the “Defensive Fire” consumable for all US and Soviet destroyers, as well as Loyang. It now makes the AA gun aura four times as efficient when activated (an increase from the prior three times as efficient) and more viable compared to other consumables you can mount in the same slot. Try it out!

T-22 - tier V German destroyer

  • Standard firing range reduced from 9.8km to 9.1km, detectability range by air from 3.4km to 2.96km, and detectability range by sea is from 7km to 6.52km -- this should improve your survivability and let you make the most of your torpedo damage potential 

Podvoisky - tier V Soviet destroyer 

  • Reduced main battery reload time from 9.2s to 8.1s to increase the damage-dealing capability 

Kirov - tier V Soviet cruiser 

  • Reduced main battery reload time from 15s to 13.5s to increase the damage-dealing capability 

Krasny Krym - tier V Soviet cruiser 

  • Reduced main battery reload time from 9.2s to 8.1s to increase the damage-dealing capability 

Nicholas - tier V US destroyer 

  • Increased forward firing aiming angles of torpedo tubes, turret 3 for Hull B, and turret 4 for Hull A – this  change should make it easier to aim the ship’s weapons at enemies

Iwaki Alpha - tier IV Japanese cruiser 

  • Gains an additional slot for "Hydroacoustic Search" consumable
  • Main battery firing range increased from 10.21km to 10.71km to improve ship playability 

Arkansas Beta - tier IV US battleship 

  • Firing range of secondary battery increased from 3.5 to 4.5km, with upgraded accuracy. This should improve the ship's performance in close combat

Chester - tier II US cruiser 

  • Engine room armor increased, firing accuracy improved for short-range battles

Orlan - tier I Soviet cruiser 

  • Made minor changes to HP distribution in fore and aft ends and superstructures
  • Main battery reload time reduced from 4.5s to 4.3s

Bougainville - tier I French cruiser 

  • Made minor changes to HP distribution in fore and aft ends and superstructures
  • Main battery shell damage value increased from 1,000 to 1,400


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New Tier X Rentals for Clan Battles 

If you played a Random or Clan Battle with a tier VIII-X ship during Update 0.6.12 Update, you got a special set of three special tier X ships “rented” for temporary use: Japanese cruiser Zao, Japanese destroyer Shimakaze, and German battleship Großer Kurfürst

In Update 0.6.13, we remove these ships and replace them with the following three tier X ships: 

German cruiser Hindenburg

Soviet destroyer Grozovoi

U.S. battleship Montana 

These ships are removed when Update 0.6.14 releases. 

Play a Random or Clan battle in Update 0.6.13 with a tier VII-X ship, and the 0.6.13 tier X rental ships appear on your account so you can play Clan Battles.

After rental ships Zao, Shimakaze and Großer Kurfürst are removed from your account, their respective Commanders move to the Reserve where their Skills are reset. You can remaster the required Skills by redistributing Commander Skill points in Update 0.6.13.

If you recruited a Commander for a rental ship, this Commander’s specialization changes to the starting ship of its respective nation.

Want more information on the First Season of Clan Battles and ship rentals? 

Learn More

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Other Improvements

  • New visual tips on the battle loading screens correspond to the type of ship you selected, her armament and your account level.
  • Checked and unified survivability of AA guns and secondary guns per a single standard for U.S. and Japanese ships, and Soviet cruiser Murmansk:  you’ll need to cause slightly less damage to a ship’s AA and secondary guns to incapacitate them – affected guns include Japanese and US  76mm guns, as well as U.S. 102mm and 40mm guns.
  • In Post-Battle statistics, a Clan tag color depends on the League a Clan reaches in the Clan Battles. If your Clan doesn’t belong to any League, its tag will be white.
  • Fixed occasional bug of graphics settings not being set correctly game launches for first time.
  • Now, the “Alt+Enter” key combo enables “Full-screen windowed” mode instead of “Full-screen” mode.
  • Fixed “Ready” button remaining active in Clan Division when a player selected a carrier.
  • Fixed incorrect set of sounds playing for USS Alabama.
  • We also changed the tech tree’s appearance, improving its look and information. A white frame surrounds all the ships you’ve purchased, while the XP and Credits required to get ships you don’t have appear on the ship’s icon.
  • Changed FPS counter mechanism to be more accurate. It no longer indicates abnormally low values. You used to see the frame count instantly because it was read every 0.5s, but now it displays an average number of frames per second for the 50 frames that preceded the update tick. Most applications use this method, so we decided to adopt it as well.
  • Removed a visual indicator located next to the ping reading, as it activated even during 'hang-ups' not related to ping, while the ping value provides just enough information. 
  • Fixed an issue where visibility of some ships could exceed their the main caliber range after firing
  • Fixed game freezing on quitting
  • Added visual effect Tirpitz special Halloween camo when engine fails
  • Fixed incorrect display of start of Clan Battles 
  • Fixed a bug when game freezing while a carrier and choosing a destroyed air group through "Ctrl + Tab"


Made minor changes to HP distribution of Hit Points of some modules for several ships – it won’t affect the number of HP on any ship:

  • Tachibana, Tachibana Lima: Forward compartment HP reduced by 200 HP
  • Isokaze Hull B: Steering gears HP increased by 400 HP
  • Kongo Hull A: Forward magazine HP was reduced by 2,300 HP
  • Izumo Hull B: Forward compartment HP increased by 100 HP
  • Furutaka Hull B: Casemate HP reduced by 200 HP, superstructure HP was increased by 200 HP
  • Storozhevoi Hull B: Superstructure HP reduced by 100 HP 
  • Sims: Forward compartment HP reduced by 100 HP
  • Fletcher Hull A: Superstructure HP reduced by 100 HP

- Hull A: Forward compartment HP reduced by 200, service space HP above casemate increased by 100 HP, aft compartment HP reduced by 100 HP, superstructure HP increased by 100 HP
- Hull B: Forward compartment HP reduced by 200, service space HP above casemate increased by 100 HP, aft compartment HP reduced by 100 HP, superstructure HP increased by 100 HP
- Hull A: Forward compartment HP reduced by 200, aft compartment HP reduced by 200 HP, superstructure HP increased by 500 HP

  • Essex Hull A: Steering gears HP reduced by 800 HP
  • Independence Hull A: Steering gears HP reduced by 400 HP
  • Minekaze Hull B: Steering gears HP increased by 400 HP

Additional Fixes: 

  • Ensured appearance of waiting order indicator on icon of a selected air group in battle.
  • Fixed ship sale cost not showing in center of system messages.
  • Fixed confused appearance of control area capture icons in standard(Random) battles.

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New Content


Developers, Supertesters and other special contributors can test the German tier VI destroyer T-61, Italian tier VII cruiser Duca degli Abruzzi, French tier VI destroyer Aigle, and Japanese tier VII battleship Ashitaka.

The ships being tested are not available for purchase or research, but you may encounter them in battle.

Sound Mod Improvements

  • While still not officially supported, we’ve improved the functionality of player-created sound mods -- a control.xml file is created for each mod, which contains paths to all that mod's files

Removed Content

  • Halloween ‘16 and ‘17 Ports
  • End of "Saving Transylvania" and "Sunray in the Darkness" operations

As Update 0.6.13 concludes the "Saving Transylvania" and "Sunray in the Darkness" operations, all event ships and their Commanders are removed from your accounts. All upgrades, signals, and flags are then removed from the ships and placed in your Inventory.

If you purchased upgraded consumables during the event, they'll be removed at the rate of 7,500 Credits added to your account for each consumable.


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