Dunkerque: Forward With France!

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Why broadside when you can "frontside" with an all-forward armament!

Time for an excessive offensive, and the ferocious tier VI Premium battleship Dunkerque is just the thing! A fast battleship with a massive, all-frontal armament, Dunkerque prowled the seas in the early days of World War II. Pick her up and take her on a repeatable, Commander-training mission until September 12.


  • Dunkerque is the only ship with her main guns arranged forward of her superstructure all able to fire directly ahead, which provides a host of new tactical options.

  • She's got an amazing turret traverse and rate of fire, making her well-suited to hunting enemy cruisers or destroyers.

  • Eight main guns in two forward-mounted quadruple gun turrets!

Ever wanted to charge your enemies while screaming "fire everything?!"  Now you can. Just don't wake the neighbors.

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Dunkerque Bundles

Starts August 22 at 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET
Ends September 5 at 04:20 PT / 04:20 ET

You'll need to log into your Wargaming account before viewing the "Dunkerque Fully Loaded" and "Dunkerque Deluxe" bundles in the Premium Shop.


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Dunkerque (Tier VI) + Port Slot

Dunkerque Fully Loaded
$39.99 (Limit One)
-15% Discount

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Dunkerque (Tier VI) + Port Slot
• Main Armaments Modification 1
• Main Battery Modification 2 
• Propulsion Mod 1 
Steering Gear Mod 2
• 7 Days of Premium
• 2,500 Doubloons

Dunkerque Deluxe
$59.99 (Limit One)
-20% Discount

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• Dunkerque (Tier VI) + Port Slot
• Main Armaments Modification 1 
• Main Battery Modification 2 
• Propulsion Mod 1 
• Steering Gear Mod 2

30 Days of Premium
5,000 Doubloons
5,000,000 Credits
Custom Flag

Dunkerque: Fast Facts

Fashioned for the Experienced Commander

Dunkerque requires practice along with a solid knowledge of game mechanics and map positions to maximize your firepower and rake in the rewards!

Swift and Deadly 

A combo of speed, reload times, and excellent turret traverse allow Dunkerque to not only hunt down enemy cruisers, she'll even be able to keep her guns on those pesky destroyers.

Attack, Attack, Attack

With all her guns mounted forward, Dunkerque lacks substantial rear armament, but this just means all her eight rifles are concentrated in one spot and employable from the ship's armored and smaller forward arc. It gets even better -- the guns themselves have excellent dispersion and a quick reload. 

Dunkerque Mission

Starts August 22 at 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET
Ends September 12 at 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET

Due to a current issue with the mission system, this mission will appear complete-able by any ship. Please note that Dunkerque is the only ship able to complete this specific mission. This issue will be fixed shortly, thank you for your patience. 


Place in your team's top 5 XP earners in a single PvP Battle.

• Repeatable
• Must use Dunkerque (Tier VI)


• x3 Commander XP