x3 XP for WG's Anniversary!

General News

A Spectacular Party!

We've been here for a while, and whether you've been with us all the way or downloaded World of Warships yesterday, you're invited to our party!

Celebrate our anniversary weekend with a x3 XP bonus and discounts, missions, and more!

Get a sneak peek at August Events.

Bundles and Discounts | Weekend Missions

Anniversary Weekend Bundles and Discounts

Starts August 5 at 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET
Ends August 8 at 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET

x3 First-Win Bonus

NOTE: You'll need to log in to your Wargaming account to view each bundle (except "Smith") bundle in the Premium Shop!

Parking Pass
$7.99 (Limit One)
-50% Discount

Buy Now

• 10x Port Slots

Celebrating The First Year
$74.99 (Limit One)
-25% Discount

Buy Now

• 360 Days of Premium


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Smith + Port Slot

Smith Loaded
$12.99 (Limit One)
-17% Discount

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Smith + Port Slot
Main Armament Mod 1 
3 Days of Premium
• 1,000 Doubloons

Smith Fully Loaded
$19.99 (Limit One)
-32% Discount

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Smith + Port Slot
• Main Armament Mod 1 
• 20x Damage Control Party II

20x Smoke Generator II
20x Engine Boost II
• 7 Days of Premium
• 2,500 Doubloons

-15% Off (Credits) for All Regular Ships, Tiers VIII-X

-40% Off (Doubloons) for Commander Skill Reset 

Increased Doubloon-to-Credit Conversion: 1 Doubloon = 1,650 Credits (From the usual 1=1,500)

Bonus on Doubloon to XP Conversion: 1 Doubloon = 35 XP (From the usual 1=25)

-30% Off (Credits) on Ship Upgrades

-40% Off (Doubloons)for dismounting Ship Upgrades

Anniversary Missions

Treat Your Commander Right!

Place in the top three (3) XP scorers on your team in a PvP or Team Battle

• Repeatable


• x2 Commander XP

Our Gift to You!

Win a PvP or Team Battle.

• Once per account


• 10x Type 6 Camouflage
• 25x "Equal Speed Charlie" Signal Flag
• 25x "Zulu" Signal Flag