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With the game's 3rd release anniversary approaching, we're polishing its infrastructure.

As World of Warships sails closer to the third anniversary of its release, we're preparing not only to celebrate, but also to further brush up some of our infrastructure. The game itself has evolved quite significantly since its launch, with not just the appearance of new ships and maps, but new game modes, battle types, mechanics and metagame systems being introduced. All this time our game launcher has remained unchanged and served as a gangway for everyone to come aboard for their daily dose of naval combat. However, while this piece of software has served us well with its very basic functionality, it’s time for it to evolve as well.

Last year we introduced our audience to the Wargaming Game Center, which has remained in beta stage until now. You've given us a lot of valuable feedback which has allowed us to keep working on and improving it behind the scenes. Thank you for that! This new launcher now allows users to:

  • Manage multiple client instances—regional clients, the public test client and, in the future, supertest clients—and helps you keep up with what's happening in the game;
  • Log into these game clients directly from the launcher—you'll be taken directly to your Port upon launching the game;
  • Have better control over when and how the game clients update, allowing you to save precious bandwidth when it counts or conveniently set the game to update fully automatically;
  • Get an overview of the latest news at a glance, as well as easy access to the most commonly used web resources;
  • Easily access other supported Wargaming PC titles, should you wish to try them.

In the nearest future, we'll also expand the above functions to include update scheduling, basic player profile information, as well as the ability to access to the Customer Service Center directly from WGC. You can read more about our plans for the Wargaming Game Center in an upcoming article. In the meantime, why not try it yourself?

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The Wargaming Game Center also does a better job of helping us bring new players into the game and keep them there, which contributes to the overall health of the project, allowing us to satisfy your naval needs for years to come. We've now reached a stage where WGC is a stable platform with most of the issues highlighted by the community now fixed, so its beta testing period will be finalized in the near future. We will continue to focus on improving and expanding WGC, and we don't want to split our team and audience between it and the old launchers.

Therefore, we will stop supporting the old launcher infrastructure within the next few updates and help all players transition from the old launcher to the new one. We'll provide everyone with more details later on.

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